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Reviews left by septahelix

Wed, Aug 31 4:36 PM septahelix review of Scar by mdp
wow, really cool mdp!
Wed, Aug 31 12:02 AM septahelix review of Enamorada by panu
a piece perhaps as intriguing as panu himself!
Tue, Aug 30 6:03 PM septahelix review of All Alone by Ivan Chew
wonderful composition!
Tue, Aug 30 6:02 PM septahelix review of Steady by Nethis
the vocals hit me real nice. great soothing peace.
Tue, Aug 30 6:01 PM septahelix review of Dear Mama by AIR_LOMEG
this was really cool and creative
Tue, Aug 30 6:01 PM septahelix review of Where You Are Now by mdp
great solid groove
Tue, Aug 30 6:00 PM septahelix review of Let us harshly call it a Whisper by annabloom
i always like the funky percussion and jumbled bumbling of your mixes.
Tue, Aug 30 5:58 PM septahelix review of Water by Vidian
really liked the original, and this is another likable twist. i really liked th...
Tue, Aug 30 5:57 PM septahelix review of The Naked I by tom_luft
the drums are really cool keys/strings are smooth nice vocal treatment
Tue, Aug 30 5:56 PM septahelix review of Catwalk (is pretty?) by CSoul
full of cool little nuances
Fri, Aug 26 6:11 PM septahelix review of So Pretty by Alex
wow! just listened to unreal's version. amazing how similar, yet strikingly di...
Fri, Aug 26 6:09 PM septahelix review of Pretty (post catwalk version) by unreal_dm
really liked the bass and drums. they gave a great jazz/blues backbone for the ...
Fri, Aug 26 6:07 PM septahelix review of This Reoccuring Dream by Speck
vocals, bass, drums, synths...all great Speck. second CSoul on the stems as w...
Tue, Aug 23 10:47 AM septahelix review of Melodies in My Head by unreal_dm
really like the percussion on this track. the guitar and piano are nice and sub...
Mon, Aug 22 11:46 AM septahelix review of Organometron (140811 MIx) by spinningmerkaba
loved it! perfect use of the organ.