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Reviews left by salvatore_j

Sat, Dec 25 3:26 AM salvatore_j review of Institutional Art by billraydrums
Damm--- this is killer sweeeet.
Fri, Dec 24 3:35 AM salvatore_j review of JustCajon4Z by error404
Im impressed, your even-ness and time are right on!, more, while doing kick....
Wed, Dec 22 8:46 PM salvatore_j review of Winter Sunlight by Alex
what a pleasure listening. A+++
Wed, Dec 22 8:37 PM salvatore_j review of A Moment in Time by Syenta
Wow- Simply FAB---
Wed, Dec 22 8:29 PM salvatore_j review of Thinkin About it (Deep Mellow Mix) by mabhiza
Great vibe, always enjoy your voice.
Wed, Dec 22 8:21 PM salvatore_j review of safe4us. by El.ector
LOVE the panning.
Wed, Dec 22 8:59 AM salvatore_j review of "CCmixter.org" production kit by Nitropox@CCmixter
really good stuff here!! thanks. SJ
Fri, Aug 6 10:43 PM salvatore_j review of Another Sandwich Please by Briareus
Man--I would have lost my mind trying to sync the vocals. Well done, all--- F...
Thu, Aug 5 1:11 AM salvatore_j review of Ave Maria (Pop v. Opera) by Snowflake
O wow- O boy- this is realy nice, Great male and female combo. OMG- He's just ...
Wed, Aug 4 6:55 PM salvatore_j review of Dropping out of School (Acoustic) by markbernard
Guitars: Slamming, acoustic to rock , even more Slamming !!. Vocals: Pleasa...
Wed, Aug 4 6:31 PM salvatore_j review of It Wasn't Me by Down With Ben
Terribly true and funny, nice work----. Consider pulling the vocals down a bi...
Tue, Jul 20 8:09 PM salvatore_j review of Almost Given Up by Loveshadow
lol-- before loosing your audience, I recomend planting some errors to pick over...
Tue, Jul 20 6:48 PM salvatore_j review of Too Young by Loveshadow
My first listen of the day truly hits home.-- You got me!!! Glad it was this o...
Sun, Jul 4 12:26 AM salvatore_j review of Do It Again. by Loveshadow
YEA, This is hot, soup to nuts!!
Sun, Jun 20 2:20 AM salvatore_j review of Outside Poolside by Lasswell
Wow, this is nice.---