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Reviews left by rocavaco

Fri, Aug 24 6:30 AM rocavaco review of Old Man's Fancy by Zep Hurme
Impressive! You must be busy 25 hours per day to make a Javo remix every day!
Thu, Aug 23 2:25 PM rocavaco review of The Path Of Least Existence by Subliminal
Most of the time I like odd signatures - and this one is very nice. Brave develo...
Thu, Aug 23 2:13 PM rocavaco review of dmnd dys by galAh
This is damn interesting work. Very nice atmosphere. Like it! And this time it ...
Wed, Aug 22 10:47 AM rocavaco review of Scarbra Beach by Zep Hurme
Yeah - the light side of the moon! (the dark side was my first ever album - quit...
Tue, Aug 21 12:47 PM rocavaco review of The Art Of Dying by Jeris
Wonderful instrumentation and great chord choice. Love it!
Sat, Aug 18 7:27 AM rocavaco review of I Want Too by Speck
Great remix. Reminds me on nothing - and that's good! I like new impressions :)
Fri, Aug 17 3:13 PM rocavaco review of Gather 'Round by Alex
Cooool sounds you have here. The brass sounds so real and this vintage synth her...
Wed, Aug 15 4:36 AM rocavaco review of Only Reason by HeatherBraveMusic
Great voice! Upload acapella please!
Sun, Aug 12 12:04 PM rocavaco review of Ants on Orcs (feat. AlexBeroza) by Wired Ant
Great drive! And strange coincidence: the "hello-hello" toy is from a trip to A...
Sun, Jul 22 10:20 AM rocavaco review of Is Anybody Listening (robomix)? by robomusic
Yes. I'm listening. And I like very much what I hear. Very much!
Mon, Jul 16 11:20 AM rocavaco review of Surprise Me by radiotimes
Knowing all the sources - surprised for sure! Very creative mix! Love it!
Mon, Jul 16 11:07 AM rocavaco review of Reach Out by Zep Hurme
I was wondering for some time why your tracks sound soo good although the genre ...
Mon, Jul 16 10:55 AM rocavaco review of Fall to Pieces by Numeron
You did a "dangerous" thing - used two sources that are very well known by those...
Mon, Jul 16 10:46 AM rocavaco review of A Better Way (mix) by @nop
Great! You made a complete new version of it. Love it!
Sat, Jul 14 7:34 AM rocavaco review of I'm Falling by texasradiofish
I asked a translator about translating smooth into German - it gave about 10 dif...