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Reviews left by rocavaco

Fri, Sep 13 9:22 AM rocavaco review of Too Depressed for the Ukulele (Featuring Friends) by Kara Square
Crowd sourced Rock 'n Roll! Hope you didn't need to buy some extra RAM to run al...
Fri, Sep 13 8:47 AM rocavaco review of Coming Home by Scomber
Drum-less pretty with a touch of Satie. Very nice!
Fri, Sep 13 6:51 AM rocavaco review of Big Naturals by Platinum Butterfly
Very energetic mix with various movements. Like it!
Wed, Sep 11 10:20 AM rocavaco review of Brad Sucks - Come back (Kojo Akusa trip mix) by Kojo_Akusa
Very cool reduction on the background. Like it!
Tue, Sep 10 12:46 PM rocavaco review of Crusoe Blues (Defoe mix) by Shelflife
Very unexpected changes on the voice - especially because I heard it a hundred t...
Sat, Sep 7 9:14 AM rocavaco review of NessoR - You've Changed (Fronz Arp) by NessoR
Huge sound! Like it!
Mon, Sep 2 10:22 AM rocavaco review of boyBITCH "Where Ever" (Lionskull REMIX) by Conor Scullion
Very professional remix - Congratulations and welcome to ccMixter!
Sun, Sep 1 12:10 PM rocavaco review of Blue Island Love by Orrisroot
Lovely acapella - had to do a remix (sorry that it took so long...)
Tue, Oct 9 10:29 AM rocavaco review of Aimée? - MiElle (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Yeah, refreshing style!
Sun, Oct 7 1:13 PM rocavaco review of Hot Core by 7OOP3D
Fantastic background sounds! Rachendrachen - lol
Fri, Oct 5 12:57 PM rocavaco review of Game Changers by onlymeith
Mon, Oct 1 1:17 PM rocavaco review of On My Side (Unplugged) by Numeron
Great match! - am a bit jealous that my ear didn't hear it ;)
Mon, Oct 1 12:44 PM rocavaco review of Em100-Jazzy_GTR_Chords by Javolenus
very nice chord progression ...
Fri, Sep 21 12:36 PM rocavaco review of Resolution Don't by TheDICE
This 3/4 and 4/4 blend is extra coool!
Tue, Sep 18 9:23 AM rocavaco review of Reach for the stars by radiotimes
Super cool sax! Thanks for the stems. Do you play it? Or is it a VST (but then i...