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Ivan Chew (ramblinglibrarian):

Reviews left by Ivan Chew

Thu, Jan 17 12:56 AM Ivan Chew review of Piano Thing by septahelix
Very musical. I enjoyed this track.
Sun, Jan 13 11:36 AM Ivan Chew review of A Motherless Child by texasradiofish
Of no fault of yours, I now feel rather guilty of not listening to more TRF. Jus...
Sun, Jan 13 12:55 AM Ivan Chew review of Same Destination by Siobhan Dakay
It didn't sound like a serial-killer track to me. More like a melancholic and sa...
Fri, Jan 11 11:07 PM Ivan Chew review of Die Trying by Snowflake
Listening to this for the 2nd time. This time round, I checked out the source st...
Wed, Jan 9 10:32 AM Ivan Chew review of lately you make me .... by urmymuse
Some day, I'll make a remix out of this! Several unsuccessful attempts because (...
Wed, Jan 9 10:16 AM Ivan Chew review of michael webb's hymn by panu
Panumoon Fanboy here, saying Thanks! for the How I Did It info.
Wed, Jan 9 10:09 AM Ivan Chew review of In Your Light 150 by Apoxode
How the heck did I miss this? This is so good. How did you do it? No wait, forge...
Wed, Jan 9 5:43 AM Ivan Chew review of Under The Speckled Sky by Speck
This could easily be in a movie remake of The Dark Crystal soundtrack.
Wed, Jan 9 5:40 AM Ivan Chew review of Two Zero One and Nine by Scomber
Most excellent choice for a remix, Scomber. Really solid mix/ mastering. Nifty l...
Wed, Jan 9 5:37 AM Ivan Chew review of Drugs of Choice by Hans Atom
I'm late to the party, but holy moly... this sounds super awesome. Yet another i...
Wed, Jan 9 5:32 AM Ivan Chew review of Organized Noise by Apoxode
That's an excellent backstory. Thanks for sharing!
Tue, Jan 8 6:25 AM Ivan Chew review of Blindly Love (feat Kara Square) by Derek Wright
A very nice reinterpretation of Kara's work. And I noticed almost 10 years separ...
Tue, Jan 8 6:19 AM Ivan Chew review of Space Sick by SoboSystem
Sounds trippy and cool. I find the challenge with remixes like this is that the ...
Mon, Jan 7 5:57 AM Ivan Chew review of your favourite dress by urmymuse
This is one very listenable instrument track.
Sat, Jan 5 9:48 AM Ivan Chew review of 2018 Retrospective by Speck
Wow. Mighty creative. Laying a rather complex and disparate "stems of the month"...