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Reviews left by plurgid

Sat, Jan 7 2:46 PM plurgid review of The Right Voice (MorganTJ Whirlwind Remix) by morgantj
The violin and the bell! holy crap that's great.
Sat, Jan 7 2:39 PM plurgid review of THA CRASH by BOCrew
damn, BO Crew's back with the sweet beats!
Sat, Jan 7 11:34 AM plurgid review of Selkie's Daughter by CSoul
Neat! I like the old timey vocals.
Wed, Jul 27 7:48 AM plurgid review of along the way by sleeperspaceborn
I feel like I should be racing fighter jets down a runway at dawn on my motorcyc...
Sun, Mar 28 3:49 PM plurgid review of Track 14: Bonus Track - Gluttons for Punishment by lonnie
LOL ... I LOVE the "please may I have some more" whipcrack ... I'm so remixing t...
Mon, Jul 27 9:11 PM plurgid review of When I Walk With You by ZoeBee
OMG ... harmonies are off. the. chain. Gonna be some hot mixes with this one
Mon, Jun 8 11:43 AM plurgid review of Pieces of Manderley by Loveshadow
Wow ... this is so tight. was said before, but should be said again ... excelle...
Wed, Jun 3 3:35 PM plurgid review of Magic In Your Eyes ( The DjLang Mix ) by J.Lang
Aaah man, so smooth. Great raps too. I had forgot how absolutely beautiful this...
Tue, May 5 1:50 PM plurgid review of The Saddest Story by radiotimes
whoa. this is stunningly beautiful.
Tue, May 5 1:03 PM plurgid review of fall to pieces by Kojo_Akusa
Oh dude this is perfect. Silky smooth house. And I like the string orchestrati...
Mon, Apr 27 7:34 PM plurgid review of LETS JUST GO by FORENSIC
wow ... great material. inspiring stuff.
Thu, Jan 22 2:14 PM plurgid review of OUTSTANDING by BOCrew
Damn, I'm gone for a while and ABZ and the BOCrew completely change up! ABZ, ...
Tue, Oct 21 10:07 AM plurgid review of Feel Fine by Olenergy
bad-assed as always. you have an album out? I'd buy it (seriously).
Sun, Sep 14 8:50 AM plurgid review of Day & Night by Olenergy
once again ... badazz breakz! yeah I feel that late 90's BT/Crystal Method/Ch...
Sat, Sep 6 8:05 AM plurgid review of We Are One (CBM Remix) by Olenergy
OMG dude! This is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! so professional. this is going on my iPod...