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Tue, Jan 21 1:16 PM bento box review of MMTMMP 25 Star Gazing in the Moonlight by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
Thanks for including my remix. I enjoyed your picks.
Wed, Jul 3 7:31 PM bento box review of Josh Woodward: "A Thousand Skins, Part 1" (stems) by joshwoodward
Nice sounds. Reminds me of Ben Folds.
Mon, Sep 3 6:26 AM bento box review of sad drive to the shoe store (acoustic guitar loop) by sLow_starteR
The guitar reverb has a nice shoe-gaze sound to it.
Mon, Sep 3 6:24 AM bento box review of Oolong Tea by sLow_starteR
Nice song. You seem to go to John Lennon rather than your usual Paul McCartney i...
Mon, Sep 3 6:12 AM bento box review of maelstrom by sLow_starteR
Sure the mix has issues with clipping, but the songwriting is great. It is nice ...
Mon, Sep 3 6:04 AM bento box review of Go Tell Alyssa/ "Sad Song" by sLow_starteR
Can you split the vocal and the piano tracks for download? I would love to arran...
Sun, Sep 2 5:33 AM bento box review of Who Knows by sLow_starteR
Nice remix. I like that adding of layers as the songs build. Pella fits perfectl...
Fri, Aug 1 7:52 PM bento box review of Get money from it (Candy From A Baby #3) by dangerous_objects
Nice work!!!
Tue, Apr 22 9:02 AM bento box review of I Guess It's a Remix Now by teru
Very intelligent. I like it. The pace of the spoken word is spot on and fits wel...
Tue, Apr 22 8:59 AM bento box review of Ain't It Funny by duckett
A crispness and separation I strive to achieve. Nice work!
Sun, Apr 20 8:35 PM bento box review of Goodbye sooner or later by oldDog
Nice work. I think all musicians at some point want to write a soundtrack. You a...
Sun, Apr 20 8:28 PM bento box review of Three for the road by radiotimes
This is like a Robert Altman film: 3 or more conversations going on at once, eac...
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