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Reviews left by panu

Tue, Sep 15 6:53 AM panu review of I Wont Abandon You by ScOmBer
beautiful track, Kahuna. . . ++++
Sun, Sep 13 2:38 PM panu review of Timeout by bangcorrupt
very downtown so0unding mix. nice use of Jeris' huge catalog of great samples ....
Sun, Sep 13 2:36 PM panu review of where are you now ? by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Sun, Sep 13 2:33 PM panu review of You're Flying I Fall by septahelix
nice trip through Jason's greatest hits. enjoyed every minute. . . =
Sun, Sep 13 2:31 PM panu review of Hypertext by mwic
great track. . . +
Sun, Sep 13 10:20 AM panu review of O N E T H I N G (Dance in the Rain Mashup) by @CrazyLittleAsian
sounds great. glad you jumped in. . . +
Sun, Sep 13 10:19 AM panu review of The Speck-tacular Flight of the Firefly by J.Lang
digging the lo-fi groove you've wrapped around Speck's samples. love me some mi...
Sun, Sep 13 10:14 AM panu review of Say Their Names - Love and Remember by SackJo22
keeps up the awareness and the pressure in a good way, much like Marvin's 'What'...
Sun, Sep 13 10:09 AM panu review of Stay Calm Voices by SackJo22
really good writing (well recorded, too). . . +++
Sun, Sep 13 7:26 AM panu review of Debate This! by Mr_Yesterday
Kara just woke me up to this song. great writing & performance. . .
Sun, Sep 13 7:25 AM panu review of Where the Moon Shines Bright by Kara Square
brilliant from concept to the last chord. beautifully played & recorded. . . ++...
Sun, Sep 13 5:47 AM panu review of Find A Reason (Tryin' 2) - DEMO by Songboy3
always, always a pleasure. . . +++