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Reviews left by othfrk

Thu, Mar 14 10:46 AM othfrk review of Living It Up :) by Loveshadow
Love how the lyrics match the music - and the other way around! This one is goin...
Thu, Mar 14 10:23 AM othfrk review of I've tried to warn you by dashdotdotdash
This could be the soundtrack for a steampunk anime.
Tue, Jan 12 1:10 PM othfrk review of Dive Deep by Loveshadow
loveshadow+snowflakes=always awesome!
Thu, Dec 4 7:58 AM othfrk review of 247 by Lasswell
This is so hot! love it!!!! I have this crazy dream that this could be performed...
Wed, Oct 3 8:13 AM othfrk review of Heart on the Floor by Loveshadow
??? What happened to the (Zero G Mix) version ????
Thu, Jul 26 7:52 AM othfrk review of Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment ) by J.Lang
A tune that just makes you happy. Reminds me of Flying Pop's.
Wed, Jul 25 1:03 PM othfrk review of H2O instrumental by airtone
Thanks to J.Lang, I (re)discovered this gem! Very cool! Movie music...
Wed, Jul 25 11:27 AM othfrk review of Heart on the Floor( Zero G Mix ) by Loveshadow
Kylie, anyone? Lots of fun to listen to...
Wed, Jul 25 11:23 AM othfrk review of If You Wait (Anahitas Promise) by Loveshadow
And it was already my favorite LS song before this... :)
Wed, Jul 25 11:15 AM othfrk review of Lasswells/Snowflakes In Peace ( With Verse two ) by Loveshadow
Beautiful! Love the playful switch between pellas - you don't hear that too ofte...
Thu, Jan 5 6:05 PM othfrk review of Sunrise ( The Twitchers Mix ) by Loveshadow
This keeps growing on me and is becoming my favorite loveshadow remix. I keep he...
Mon, Nov 8 10:01 AM othfrk review of Lies by adrianmusto
Very High Quality! You bring a great original personality in your mix. Music is ...