Break the Silence Event-extended!

Reviews left by narva9

Tue, Jul 8 11:40 PM narva9 review of Silence by oldDog
At moments it made me hold my breath waiting for the next line. So beautiful. n...
Tue, Jul 8 11:34 PM narva9 review of June: Deserts And Monsoons by Subliminal
I really like the contrast of the acoustic and the electronic.....but there seem...
Tue, Jul 8 11:25 PM narva9 review of Noisettes by Voktebef
Heavy and moving and beautiful. Makes me want to write words to fill the space.....
Tue, Jul 8 11:20 PM narva9 review of 2025 by DoKashiteru
Great frame for Colin's words. I had a wonderful time listening. Thank you, n...
Thu, Jul 3 10:38 PM narva9 review of Fortitude of Women by shimoda
Very moving....thank you. n9
Thu, Jul 3 10:38 PM narva9 review of Kiss Kiss by oldDog
It's so whimsical, if I close my eyes I can see KT doing a old time musicall num...
Thu, Jul 3 10:15 PM narva9 review of DJ ON BREAK- BACK IN 15 (Intermission mix) by duckett
So while I (with the microscopic bladder) am in the bathroom all the cool kids a...
Sat, Jun 21 9:36 PM narva9 review of Sunrise by oldDog
It is just so beautiful. n9
Sat, Jun 21 9:33 PM narva9 review of SILENCE ( Shssh You Can Feel ) by Loveshadow
This was unexpected. Very cher ( in a good way). It certainly made me smile. ...
Sat, Jun 21 9:27 PM narva9 review of Castle On a Hill by frompast0
This is lovely. n9
Sat, Jun 21 9:23 PM narva9 review of Autumn Thoughts by Subliminal
I love it. Thanks for using us. n9 ps - mixter is seriously creepy (in a good...
Sat, Jun 21 9:19 PM narva9 review of Language of Birds (Last Man On Earth Song) by Anchor
Lovely lovely lovely The music is beautiful but the words are perfect. n9
Sat, Jun 21 9:15 PM narva9 review of 2:30 AM: The Old Asylum by duckett
I think this one should come with a warning. It didn't really scare me or anythi...
Sat, Jun 21 9:04 PM narva9 review of Music Improvement by FORENSIC - (HELLFIRE Remix) by mykleanthony
awesome. really. and I don't even like hip hop. ;-) n9
Sat, Jun 21 9:02 PM narva9 review of music improvement by FORENSIC
Glorious...glorious words. Makes me shiver. Music improvement indeed. Keep ...