Reviews left by narva9

Sun, Mar 1 4:00 PM narva9 review of endless goodbye by oldDog
Oh my. It's so sad and beautiful. Perfect for the tragic love scene that happens...
Sun, Mar 1 3:53 PM narva9 review of Tip Toe in Winter by teru
Love this. You deserve cookies :-) n9
Sun, Mar 1 3:49 PM narva9 review of Black Rainbow by Pitx
Wonderful. Inspiring. Beautiful and all sorts of awesome. Makes me want to sing ...
Sun, Mar 1 3:45 PM narva9 review of S*n*o*w*f*l*a*k*e*s* by Loveshadow
Lovely, lovely, lovely. Made me stop in my tracks and hold my breath. Thank you ...
Sun, Mar 1 3:38 PM narva9 review of Forever How This Time Will Last by Rewob
Had me bopping in my seat. Sweet! Thx. n9
Sun, Mar 1 3:35 PM narva9 review of Lies In the Dark by shockshadow
deceptively relaxing. wonderful. thank you. n9
Sun, Mar 1 3:19 PM narva9 review of I found God sleeping in a cave by Scomber
Love it.
Sun, Mar 1 3:08 PM narva9 review of The Ugly by Pitx
Very unexpected but delightful. For some reason, an image of an orchestra of cl...
Sun, Mar 1 3:03 PM narva9 review of Whispering Gallery Chant by radiotimes
Very cinematic and beautiful. Thank you:-) n9
Sun, Feb 22 10:50 AM narva9 review of Beyond The Dunes by Sawtooth
Beautiful journey. Thanks for letting us tag along. n9
Sun, Feb 22 10:43 AM narva9 review of Space Journey (be patient..) by Carosone
Whimsical and wicked :-) Oh and I was patient....the payoff was fantastic. ...
Sun, Feb 22 10:37 AM narva9 review of Lies on Lies(D4tW-SHORT Remix) by Ctrl - Alt - Dstry
HI D4tW, Love the glitchy edginess. Thanks for letting us be a part of your f...
Wed, Jan 7 10:18 PM narva9 review of Tell Us Where You’ve Been by Subliminal
Just lovely. I like the creepy edginess....whisper on whispers....and especiall...
Sun, Jan 4 1:30 PM narva9 review of Dropping out of School (Electra mix) by teru
Dig it. Love the "noise"...and 'cause it's BRAD!!! Yeah! n9
Sun, Jan 4 1:28 PM narva9 review of Yesterdays Love by Scott Altham
Very romantic and sad. Perfect for a winter's day. n9