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Reviews left by mwic

Sat, Oct 22 5:21 PM mwic review of The Right Voice by SackJo22
I almost can't believe what I just heard.
Sat, Oct 22 4:49 PM mwic review of Here They Come Again by CiggiBurns
Awesome, Ciggi's back. I was getting worried.
Sat, Jul 23 5:50 AM mwic review of Spiral by Allison Crowe
Awesome, the great Allison Crowe has arrived! Been listening to your records sin...
Thu, Mar 31 10:09 AM mwic review of The CC BY Song by Loveshadow
Oh I've been away too long; this is in my all time ccM top ten -- even though I'...
Thu, Mar 31 8:01 AM mwic review of Queen of the crows by Jeris
Fastest rising star on ccM. And it's not even close
Thu, Mar 31 7:56 AM mwic review of Straight to the Light by Jeris
ohnoes I already called somebody else's version of SttL the best one. What to do...
Thu, Mar 31 7:49 AM mwic review of Lucy Jane by Jeris
Someone tell Ciggi about this track! wow. contra one of your other reviewers ...
Thu, Mar 31 7:47 AM mwic review of Hero by Jeris
You've got it together, man. I'm curious what happened between June 2009 and Jan...
Thu, Mar 31 7:29 AM mwic review of Solent by logos
This groove is definitely in my heart
Thu, Mar 31 7:12 AM mwic review of Bill Of Wrongs by logos
ccM needs more music like this. Billy Martin fan, by any chance?
Thu, Mar 31 6:55 AM mwic review of Synergistic Effects by Snowflake
Did no one else notice what's in the lead picture of the wikipedia article? P...
Thu, Mar 31 6:45 AM mwic review of Insane Dad by Minus Kelvin
Not sure how I ended up on this track -- you know how it is opening 15 ccmixter ...
Thu, Mar 31 6:38 AM mwic review of Dance in the Rain (Breaking Down) by Snowflake
geez. This is better than -- ... better than ... well, better than almost...
Thu, Mar 31 6:31 AM mwic review of L4M feat. Snowflake - Hot Core (down below) by l4m
I think this is pretty cool. Lyrically, Hot Core seems more amenable to a versio...
Thu, Mar 31 6:23 AM mwic review of Straight to the Light by LiquidEyes
I think this is my favorite version of SttL. snowflake's vox could use a litt...