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Reviews left by mwic

Fri, Jan 27 12:51 PM mwic review of Caught In A Strange World by Realist
Very nice. Love the bright/clean gtr and keyboard in combination with these sort...
Fri, Jan 27 11:11 AM mwic review of The Oregon Trail by Kara Square
Finally an MMT song the whole family can enjoy! This is my personal favorite fro...
Fri, Jan 27 10:34 AM mwic review of Alive by Jeris
Trivia: 86% of all tracks with the "django" tag are by Jeris. Yay!
Fri, Jan 27 8:14 AM mwic review of Dance of the Gypsy-Instrumental by Jeris
I love this and haven't even heard the vox yet; heading over there now
Fri, Jan 27 7:02 AM mwic review of Worth it Then-Dub Mix by Jeris
It was a very tight race, but this WorthItThen edges out your other one. Great ...
Fri, Jan 27 5:59 AM mwic review of Go Time (DuckMix) by duckett
2 things: -This is great. not nearly enough results for tags/old_school -Des...
Fri, Jan 27 5:52 AM mwic review of Deflated & Alone (acoustic) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
I love when I get some time to look through old uploads, from back before I arri...
Thu, Jan 26 9:48 AM mwic review of Radio Moscow: Funk in A by texasradiofish
Funk the Root! favorited..
Tue, Dec 6 4:45 PM mwic review of All I Want 4 Xmas by Alex
This is just pure charming. And it's awesome to see jamendo & ccm finally hookin...
Tue, Dec 6 4:39 PM mwic review of Jingle Bells by CSoul
I don't know if I'm breaking a "can't say something nice" type rule, but I reall...
Mon, Nov 28 2:30 PM mwic review of DReam by Snowflake
This really makes me want to learn how to remix things. I second the motion for ...
Tue, Nov 22 1:03 PM mwic review of Where's the Party? by texasradiofish
trf > gkeillor
Tue, Nov 22 12:39 PM mwic review of Old Chucks by J.Lang
Oh. HIP hop. Now I get it.
Tue, Nov 22 12:34 PM mwic review of Occupy (your mind) by Snowflake
Dang this is the best snowflake upload since -- well, the last one. Love.
Fri, Nov 11 4:11 AM mwic review of support our loops by septahelix
Cool, first remix of me, too. Love being part of this erupting volcano.