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Reviews left by musikpirat

Sun, May 13 4:12 AM musikpirat review of "Meditation is a state of mind" (Kundalini Rising Part 2) by Jeris
This week has been one of the best ones since I found ccmixter a couple of years...
Fri, Apr 6 3:26 AM musikpirat review of Where you are by radiotimes
I guedd my review is a little bit. Anyway I'm astound, that I had to ed pick thi...
Wed, Mar 14 2:10 PM musikpirat review of Broken (cdk Dark DubStep Mix) by Analog By Nature
Ed picked! It is never easy to produce a song based on a pella remixed more tha...
Mon, Mar 5 1:19 PM musikpirat review of Once I Went You by Zep Hurme
This song has a major flaw: It is not ed picked. Oh wait - I can fix this. :)
Sun, Feb 26 3:45 AM musikpirat review of RelaxingBirds by tigabeatz
The perfect song for my current mood... My server got hacked more than two month...
Tue, Feb 7 12:33 PM musikpirat review of Making Me Whole by Admiral Bob
While writing the ed pick's text I read snowflakes description of her pella. I w...
Thu, Feb 2 11:25 AM musikpirat review of Nube (scmixer frozen wind mix) by s.c.mixer
Woohaw. My first ed pick. :)
Sat, Dec 31 12:35 PM musikpirat review of Launching into 2012 by Snowflake
The perfect song to replace the last one I missed to catch. :) http://musik.k...
Sat, Dec 31 12:33 PM musikpirat review of I'm Here To Rock You by Steven M Bryant
A shame that Spawn already has a soundtrack - this song would fit perfectly. ...
Thu, Dec 29 4:02 AM musikpirat review of Spiral by 3rd attempt
And once again I break my own rules and add a song as catch of the day. :) ht...
Sat, Dec 24 12:08 AM musikpirat review of Can't Afford Another Christmas by Steven M Bryant
Damn! Wish you had uploaded this a couple of days earlier. Would have fitted per...
Thu, Dec 22 8:05 AM musikpirat review of God is logical (Robbero Mix) by Robbero
I planned not to pick new catches, because my backup list is more then long enou...
Wed, Dec 7 10:50 AM musikpirat review of Slow Motion Dream by Steven M Bryant
Catch of the day!
Mon, Dec 5 12:38 PM musikpirat review of CHUCKS by Alex
Catch of the day!
Sun, Dec 4 12:45 PM musikpirat review of The Dyin Hour by Jeris
Catch of the day!