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Sat, Mar 23 8:30 AM musikpirat review of Bones by Suzi Q. Smith
Uuuuh, Suzi back in da house! That was quite some time you were not around here....
Fri, Mar 1 10:23 AM musikpirat review of Go Ahead And Rock Me by Apoxode
Now that is a nice one. But I think it isn‘t House. Maybe BigBeat? Reminds me ...
Sun, Feb 25 11:16 PM musikpirat review of Choices May Change by DreamSynth
Really nice flow!
Sun, Feb 25 10:56 PM musikpirat review of Wonkiho Prismacide by Apoxode
Tue, Feb 13 10:37 PM musikpirat review of Fool Me Twice by Admiral Bob
Wow, that's a really nice one. Especially considering how much time you had to c...
Sun, Feb 11 11:17 AM musikpirat review of H2O 2 Electric Boogaloo by Mana Junkie
Really low the flow. Would be great if you could upload some samples. I'd love t...
Sun, Feb 11 11:15 AM musikpirat review of November Illusion (Empty Hat Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
Wow. This is one of the weirdest songs I did hear here for some time. But I real...
Sun, Feb 11 1:31 AM musikpirat review of We have Arrived by Hans Atom
Long time no hear - glad your back! As usual you did deliver an excellent remix...
Sun, Feb 11 1:22 AM musikpirat review of Take the Grail ft Anchor by Apoxode
This one works great the way it is. Without (too much) in the rhythmics there...
Sun, Feb 11 1:15 AM musikpirat review of The Past is back by Bluemillenium
Wow. Great beat, great bass, great scratching, great vocal treatment. I like!
Sun, Feb 11 1:12 AM musikpirat review of Love is the Power by ScOmBer
Another top notch production!
Sun, Feb 11 1:05 AM musikpirat review of One Love by 7OOP3D
To be honest I did not expect anything else then a great remix from you. And I w...
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