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w a l k i n g b a c k w a r d s i n t o f o r e v e r

uploaded: Sun, Aug 6, 2023 @ 3:39 PM last modified: Sun, Aug 6, 2023 @ 3:47 PM  (add)
Featuringmusikpirat, Snowflake (vox)
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WOW!!! It took me SOOO long to upload the file and it’s failed a few times! :( I wrote a really long description but it also disappeared - gutted!!

This is a minimal electronic / ambient / dubby remix of the beautiful original that’s so chill x

Please do listen with headphones xx

musikpirat has a lovely treasure throve of music and it was no easy feat picking just one - but I resonated with this one the most and it just so happened that it also has Snowflake’s lovely vocals! x

Inspired by the title and the feel of the song - I thought about Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah as I’ve recently ONLY grieved about his passing and I was so devastated, I would wake up crying daily for a couple of weeks.

I’ve been moved many times by voices and songs - but the combination of me quitting alcohol (almost a year now), feeling deeply unsettled due to changes in my life in the UK, as well having had more experience as I’m approaching my mid 30s!!! - I’ve never been affected by a voice like his before - it’s so profound, this is a microscopic offering of that devotion to music and connection and creating.

This is probably my most favourite remix that I’ve done so far!!

Was so inspired despite being poorly for more than a week now, and I had to sing in a different way because my vocal chords and lungs are currently recovering from a bout of some strong virus! So it sounds a bit strange to me, too.

I’ll upload the vocals too for fun :)

Thank YOU so much for sharing your music, art, talent, and stories - and for the opportunity to do this!!

Rough lyrics:

"w a l k i n g b a c k w a r d s i n t o f o r e v e r"

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