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Reviews left by Darkroom

Tue, Jan 26 9:12 AM Darkroom review of Possibility by Milky_Blue
Welcome to ccmixter. Nice first mix.
Mon, Jan 25 11:00 AM Darkroom review of Big River by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Jan 24 10:23 AM Darkroom review of I am Waiting by Admiral Bob
Very nicely done and with such feeling.
Sat, Jan 23 11:26 AM Darkroom review of I'm Waiting by texasradiofish
Nice downtempo feel TRF.
Sat, Jan 23 11:25 AM Darkroom review of Somewhere Something by Whitewolf
Diggin' the jazz.
Sat, Jan 23 11:23 AM Darkroom review of I'm Tired. Goin' Up Country by texasradiofish
Cool eclectic sound.
Fri, Jan 22 4:47 PM Darkroom review of I'm Waiting by Snowflake
Madam Snowflake, I am virtually bowing down, you can't see it but it is happenin...
Thu, Jan 21 8:56 AM Darkroom review of After a Day of Waiting ft. Elle Roberts by Apoxode
Very cool. Thank you for including.
Tue, Jan 19 7:19 PM Darkroom review of Drive All Night by Stefan Kartenberg
Not sure how you pump out such hq tracks so quickly. This is no exception. This ...
Tue, Jan 19 4:29 AM Darkroom review of The Past Attacked by Kara Square
Hardcore delivery and well stated.
Mon, Jan 18 10:54 AM Darkroom review of Counting down by sparky
This is nice.
Mon, Jan 18 10:53 AM Darkroom review of Waiting Drum Track by Apoxode
Cool drum track.
Mon, Jan 18 10:52 AM Darkroom review of We Do Not Have to Live Through the Eyes of Phantoms Anymore Reprise (Vo1k1 Binaural Samples) by vo1k1
Mon, Jan 18 8:33 AM Darkroom review of Full Moon, Starry Night - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Very nice and cacthy.
Sun, Jan 17 9:35 AM Darkroom review of getatmic_-_Twilight_Zone by BeatMachine
Diggin the music with the vocals but the vocals seem out of sync a bit to me.