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Sat, Jan 2 10:20 PM Darkroom review of Rescue me by sparky
Great remix. Can you upload a higher quality version such as .flac or 320kb MP3?
Wed, Dec 30 3:48 PM Darkroom review of Is That Present Mine by Speck
Very nice. It reminds me of Boards of Canada at times for some reason.
Tue, Dec 29 8:00 AM Darkroom review of Light In A Window by Stefan Kartenberg
Sat, Dec 26 8:52 PM Darkroom review of Come, O Long Expected Jesus by texasradiofish
Nice mashup TRF.
Wed, Dec 23 9:10 PM Darkroom review of Octopus Trees (Jonah Hakanson Remix) by nero
I gotta say I am not too familiar with smash but I will check further into it.
Wed, Dec 23 9:08 PM Darkroom review of Wishes Ft Adisa Mckenzie by JCrews
You have a good groove going on here. The backing music is great and compliments...
Wed, Dec 23 9:05 PM Darkroom review of Starry Night by Admiral Bob
An instant classic. There is a great mix of sounds in this. It almost sounds lik...
Tue, Dec 22 6:48 PM Darkroom review of Amazing Grace by Carosone
Sounds really really good. It has a Always and Forever from Heatwave sort of vib...
Tue, Dec 22 6:46 PM Darkroom review of Straight to the Light by Whitewolf
Love it.
Tue, Dec 22 6:44 PM Darkroom review of Joy to the World by texasradiofish
Very cool. Reminds me of Disneyland Haunted Mansion for some reason. I think bec...
Tue, Dec 22 6:40 PM Darkroom review of 1973 by sparky
Backing track sits very well with the guitars, pleasure to listen to.
Sun, Dec 20 5:31 PM Darkroom review of Midwinter (Chillout Mix) by Whitewolf
Great track. The vox are slightly out of tune at places but the idea is good.
Thu, Dec 17 9:01 AM Darkroom review of citySkies by airtone
Fantastic. Your mixes have such a natural sound with the right amount of space f...
Tue, Dec 15 10:02 PM Darkroom review of Tina Gill by Stefan Kartenberg
Like the others, just love everything about it.
Mon, Dec 14 7:52 PM Darkroom review of Sharp Tool by Admiral Bob
This is why you are the Admiral. You go in and you conquer laying down mixes and...