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Reviews left by Loveshadow

Tue, Oct 7 12:03 PM Loveshadow review of Snaps (Original RumbleStep Mix) by Analog By Nature
AAh...yes outstanding. You have got this sound so nailed.
Tue, Oct 7 12:00 PM Loveshadow review of Space_Invaders by Stefan Kartenberg
Truly well done. Nice live sound.
Mon, Oct 6 4:56 AM Loveshadow review of Dangerous Idea by Jeris
It's Like the Ohio players are jammin with Brass Construction then the Fat Back ...
Sat, Oct 4 3:57 AM Loveshadow review of Empathy with a sunny beach by Shelflife
Hey there, how lovely. Makes me want to know who she was although you can get ar...
Sat, Oct 4 3:54 AM Loveshadow review of ^POWER UP^ by ScOmBer
Nice. You do have a voice for this style.CDK has some tasty stuff and I was near...
Sat, Oct 4 3:50 AM Loveshadow review of Sailboat feat. snowflake by Attic Ella
I like all your music. Sonically I wonder what you are monitoring or making this...
Fri, Oct 3 9:42 AM Loveshadow review of Apologize by Scott Altham
Now the drugs don't work They just make you worse But I know I'll see your face ...
Thu, Oct 2 4:33 PM Loveshadow review of I won't tell' by ScOmBer
Outstanding track , just catching up with a lot of stuff after a busy summer . L...
Sun, Sep 21 10:20 AM Loveshadow review of Visions, Shadows and Textures by Shelflife
Wow what a ride . Nice eclectic creation thanks for including me. (:
Fri, Sep 19 2:40 PM Loveshadow review of LoveShadow - You Made It Up ^ (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
Brilliant man, missed it back then but finding it now :-)
Fri, Sep 19 2:12 PM Loveshadow review of Homesick by kizzylotus
very nice song and vocal :-)
Fri, Sep 19 2:08 PM Loveshadow review of Music Connects Us - cdk Promo by Analog By Nature
So where is that extended brilliant bit of music ???
Thu, Sep 11 3:32 PM Loveshadow review of Music Connects Us by Lasswell
Love it !!! ....Rated X
Sun, Sep 7 1:29 PM Loveshadow review of Into The Autumn (piano in Gm) by Doxent Zsigmond
Song :-)
Sun, Sep 7 1:18 PM Loveshadow review of History And Chemistry by Zep Hurme
Love it , I hear a rearrangement to some of the parts but it's a great piece of ...