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Dark & Dicey Sci Fi Soundtrack

uploaded: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 7:38 AM
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I was delighted with my assignment for this Secret Mixter. What appears here is a fraction of what I had planned. As some here know, I am more of a sound manipulator and poet than I am a songwriter (though I will struggle and try). TheDice’s pool of material gave me so much that I could work with. I had 4 tracks shortlisted to work with and started work on two of the remixes. One you see here today, the other will be along in the coming weeks because it requires me to do some real melodic composing and I need more time.

The source material for this one suggested a cave or dark space. I found out my source artist was Italian and so looked up on the bookshelf above my desk where I work and stared at the little bust of Dante I have up there and said, “ah … Inferno.” But this was not post Medieval Inferno, it was 21st century Inferno… Hell was a subterranean parking garage and the shades were carrying their devices in a meaningless dance of doom.

The final mix you hear is not exactly what I envisioned because my sound library is limited to what Garageband gives me. Inevitably all my nuance and subtle sonic references go back to 80’s/90’s synth tones :-). Or it could be that newfangled Dr. Who I keep watching, wishing it was all still cardboard and flashing lights.

"Dark & Dicey Sci Fi Soundtrack"
by essesq

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