Perspectives Playlist at Art Gallery Oct 12
Ms.Vybe (kendra):

Reviews left by Ms.Vybe

Tue, Mar 3 2:34 PM Ms.Vybe review of RUNNING / JESS Beat 02 by BOCrew
Great beat, I love this! Bout to write to it... Peace N Luv, Ms.Vybe
Tue, Mar 3 2:26 PM Ms.Vybe review of we were just we by Tomas PhUsIoN
OMG!!! I luv this. U nailed this, man. Real talk. I love the synths on the hook,...
Sun, Jan 4 8:47 PM Ms.Vybe review of not good by deaddragoncarcass
This is pretty sick...I luv it! Thank u! -Ms.V
Sun, Jan 4 8:35 PM Ms.Vybe review of OONNIID by OONNIID
I luv it...Great shit!
Fri, Dec 5 12:51 PM Ms.Vybe review of Caution.. Exhale by bluebottle
This shit is tight, man! Thx! Peace, Ms.Vybe
Fri, Dec 5 12:46 PM Ms.Vybe review of SHOULDN'T HAVE TEASED ME by Kruzzial
Beautiful sound, I luv it! Thx! -Ms.Vybe
Thu, Oct 30 7:38 PM Ms.Vybe review of Whats His Name by bezwun
Thanks...Nice lil remix.
Wed, Oct 29 11:36 AM Ms.Vybe review of Silence Await by Analog By Nature
Luv it...I just downloaded it...Uh oh!
Wed, Oct 29 11:33 AM Ms.Vybe review of We Were Just We (Remix) by Meat_Raffle
Thanks for the remix!
Wed, Oct 22 11:28 AM Ms.Vybe review of Don't Push Me- On The Edge reMIX by J.Lang
This is pretty sicc, man! Luv it! Thanks, Ms.V
Fri, Oct 10 8:59 PM Ms.Vybe review of Ride by Da Rippa
I luv it, yo. It's hella smooth. I just downloaded it, too! I may put it on my m...
Mon, Oct 6 11:05 AM Ms.Vybe review of Why? by khidir
Luv it. I hope to record to it sometime this week. I just wrote 8 bars for the i...
Mon, Oct 6 10:47 AM Ms.Vybe review of Le Papillon Waltz by khidir
I'm cookin somethin up!!!
Mon, Oct 6 10:37 AM Ms.Vybe review of Nervous Panic Wise by Oficina Musica Digital
Sooo hottt!!!!!!!!! I gotta use it!
Mon, Oct 6 10:26 AM Ms.Vybe review of A Friend Across the Margin by khidir
I'm gonna try to come with somethin totally different on the remix...Beware! Lol...