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Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, May 8 12:59 PM gurdonark review of Not For Sale (the Gurdon Light) by Mr_Yesterday
The Gurdon Light is a grand thing to see in person--spherical lights hovering in...
Sun, May 8 12:09 PM gurdonark review of I See Clear (Views from my Bedside Table Remix) by Joel Frijters
I think that one challenge in doing a backing to a vocal track is to avoid the t...
Sun, May 8 12:02 PM gurdonark review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold ) by Loveshadow
I liked the way you mixed and handled the vocal harmonies here--they really chug...
Sun, May 8 11:55 AM gurdonark review of Ukuambient Noise by Kara Square
Really fun piece with some cool electro stylings. The ukelele and guitar parts a...
Sun, May 8 11:47 AM gurdonark review of The Lucky Party (ft Stellarartwars) by SackJo22
It is too easy to be complacent, but not when I hear remixes like this with a lo...
Sun, May 8 11:39 AM gurdonark review of May Day S-O-S by Calling Sister Midnight
Really inventive and cohesive use of audio samples, leading to a fun song that w...
Sun, May 8 4:58 AM gurdonark review of Dedication (with Quarkstar feat. MissJudged) by Mana Junkie
Really nice mixing of the various elements--I particularly like the flute-like i...
Sun, May 8 4:52 AM gurdonark review of Wired But Disconnected by Aussens@iter
Great accompaniment for this vocal--really catches the feel of the vocal track.
Sun, May 8 4:47 AM gurdonark review of seachange by airtone
Smooth and delightful as a warm Sunday afternoon in May.
Sun, Mar 20 7:07 PM gurdonark review of Summer Camp by Stefan Kartenberg
A nice wrapping to give this present a bit of pleasant packaging.
Sun, Mar 20 6:59 PM gurdonark review of Out Of The Blue (DGDGBD) by Aussens@iter
A smooth, appealing mix for this song, like a guitar on a warm evening in the op...
Sun, Nov 15 12:50 PM gurdonark review of Therapy Session (with Rob Walker, Poet) by Mana Junkie
Nice bit of electronica with a cool keyboard line at the end
Sun, Nov 15 12:44 PM gurdonark review of Sector 8 by Blake
Fun bit of futuristic electronica
Sun, Nov 15 12:40 PM gurdonark review of Just Another Percussion Piece by Marco Nicola
Fun downtempo piece with a smooth groove
Sun, Nov 15 12:33 PM gurdonark review of Transport to Your Heart by Calling Sister Midnight
Smooth and sleek. The vocals help give it a good feel.