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Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Oct 30 4:27 AM gurdonark review of SATURN by onlymeith
Really nice, dreamy flow to this one
Sun, Oct 30 4:23 AM gurdonark review of The White Cube (Constellations Mix) feat. SackJo22 & Colab by Mana Junkie
Smooth and pleasant
Sun, Oct 30 4:20 AM gurdonark review of Shimmering Image by Speck
Quirky and evocative, free and easy.
Sun, Oct 30 4:10 AM gurdonark review of Watch It Remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
The interplay between the music and the vocals, and in particular the contrasts ...
Sun, Oct 30 4:04 AM gurdonark review of Quarkstar inspiración by Zep Hurme
Peppy and pulsing and fun, like 60s/70s sci-fi music--a playful and energetic ou...
Fri, Aug 26 4:12 AM gurdonark review of Still Reflections by Speck
Smooth and stylish, a trip to a garden where mist rises from the ferns and cycad...
Fri, Aug 26 4:07 AM gurdonark review of Piano By The Window by @nop
I like the offbeat percussion and the quirky, fun sound of the whole thing. A go...
Fri, Aug 26 4:03 AM gurdonark review of I'm Sorry by Stefan Kartenberg
Solid backing track that lets the vocal shine.
Fri, Aug 26 3:56 AM gurdonark review of No Wind In The Willows by spinningmerkaba
Nice and simple and gentle.
Thu, May 12 7:31 PM gurdonark review of No Brakes by Stefan Kartenberg
This song drives through the rain without a single skid or swerve. The handling ...
Thu, May 12 7:24 PM gurdonark review of Heartbeat by Snowflake
Great electronic melody lines, and a cool vocal--this mix really comes together.
Thu, May 12 7:15 PM gurdonark review of Where Are You? by Admiral Bob
Smooth, atmospheric, like a warm evening in the open air.
Sun, May 8 2:08 PM gurdonark review of Orangutan at the Podium by Admiral Bob
This one chugs along with a lot of flair, packing a lot of fun into a couple of ...
Sun, May 8 12:59 PM gurdonark review of Not For Sale (the Gurdon Light) by Mr_Yesterday
The Gurdon Light is a grand thing to see in person--spherical lights hovering in...
Sun, May 8 12:09 PM gurdonark review of I See Clear (Views from my Bedside Table Remix) by Joel Frijters
I think that one challenge in doing a backing to a vocal track is to avoid the t...