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Reviews left by grapes

Sat, Jun 9 12:59 PM grapes review of Hopped On Tha Beat (FF remix) by FGrn Grn
yeah this track goes as soon as i heard the beat i started to dance.. grea...
Sat, Jun 9 1:36 AM grapes review of i shot Jesse by DJ BLUE
:D im glad i stumbled apon this
Thu, Jun 7 9:58 PM grapes review of May - bit c mix by Darkroom
yeah i listened to this earlier and didnt have time to review but i came back to...
Thu, Jun 7 9:49 PM grapes review of "Hip-Hop" by Analog By Nature
you already know i love this track but i wanted to show some love and give u som...
Thu, Jun 7 3:09 PM grapes review of Dakar to Paris To NY to Detroit by BOCrew
i wish i could understand whats being said but the music is great love the lo...
Thu, Jun 7 3:06 PM grapes review of MADRUGADA (slow bicycle remix) by slow bicycle
Yeah i love the vibe from this track cool drums.. keep up the good work
Wed, Jun 6 7:52 PM grapes review of Crazy Love-The Alex & Lang mix by J.Lang
very cool.. this is a sunday morning drive track right here
Mon, Jun 4 12:41 PM grapes review of May by minimal_art
i hella like this track love the hook
Mon, Jun 4 12:40 AM grapes review of soofficial remix by duckett
this beat will be stuck in my head for a long time
Mon, Jun 4 12:38 AM grapes review of 8point21 by DJ BLUE
i could listen to this all day
Mon, Jun 4 12:35 AM grapes review of Official (Ex-centric mix) by Analog By Nature
oh man this song slaps.. dope track :D:D:D
Mon, Jun 4 12:32 AM grapes review of So Official (viente uno mix) by DJ BLUE
this track is dope.. you inspired me to use this pella with that track night wat...
Sun, Jun 3 5:24 PM grapes review of Que Pena - cdk mix by Analog By Nature
nice mix.. love the drums.. good vibe from the guitar solo sound too
Sun, Jun 3 2:24 AM grapes review of Recommencer by BOCrew
cool sample.. i would love to hear more pellas from her
Sat, Jun 2 2:14 AM grapes review of Ethos de Costa by DJ BLUE
i love this track.. infact i pretty much like every track i've heard on your pag...