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Reviews left by grapes

Sat, Dec 15 6:35 PM grapes review of What i Want. by Analog By Nature
yeah this song is sick! reminds me of a mac dre song called "out there"
Fri, Dec 14 11:39 PM grapes review of DO WHAT I WANT by FORENSIC
you and hen are dope your lyrics make me crack up and think UNHHH
Wed, Nov 28 3:25 PM grapes review of Autumn Thoughts by teru
:D makes me want to get back into meditation
Mon, Nov 26 5:51 PM grapes review of March by Pitx
this is relaxing
Sat, Nov 17 11:52 AM grapes review of Mellow 32 by duckett
i like this one.. i think im gonna work on it when i get the time
Sat, Nov 17 11:50 AM grapes review of Anita Sine (masochist mix) by duckett
woah cool
Tue, Nov 13 4:58 PM grapes review of Winter Comes (4-track mix) by duckett
this is cool.. you inspired me to give these vocals a download.. real chill t...
Tue, Nov 13 1:40 PM grapes review of Constructions normales by Morusque
this song is crazy good i love it!
Sat, Aug 4 4:49 PM grapes review of April (Treatment) by fourstones
man the quality and production of this song blows me away.. i only wish i could ...
Mon, Jul 16 9:38 PM grapes review of A year ago by Pitx
FRIGGEN AWESOME! love the guitar work/tone and what you did with my samples.....
Sun, Jul 8 8:09 PM grapes review of 080707 drums 01 by Morusque
yes more samples!! :D
Thu, Jul 5 4:29 PM grapes review of May (mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
it sounds good on my speakers but im no pro at that kinda thing this song is ...
Wed, Jul 4 4:58 PM grapes review of Madrugada - cdk mix by Analog By Nature
wow this is some primo dope shits rite here
Sun, Jul 1 8:22 PM grapes review of Nube (Treatment) by fourstones
i love stuff in wierd time signatures.. i just hate playing them haha very co...
Sun, Jul 1 2:07 PM grapes review of Restless Sleep by gurdonark
i really like this.. not a big fan of that constant techno like beat.. but it fi...