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Reviews left by grapes

Fri, Mar 27 1:34 PM grapes review of In Your Eyes (smile on your face mix) by teru
damn do you ever make bad music? haha
Fri, Mar 27 1:32 PM grapes review of Lucy Jane by Leza Boyland
I see what j lang is saying about the music maybe being a little too quiet but I...
Mon, Feb 23 11:34 PM grapes review of SOMETIMES''its a sore subject,''WHY'' by beckfords
very cool! yes please post the pele!
Sat, Feb 21 10:33 AM grapes review of SOMETIMES / Jess Beat 06 by BOCrew
I really like these jess beats
Thu, Feb 19 6:20 PM grapes review of Ponaprasnu (In vain) by DJ.E-State
this is the one!
Mon, Feb 16 5:13 PM grapes review of Forest room by Morusque
I wish I had skills like you!
Sun, Feb 8 3:35 PM grapes review of CASSANDRA by BOCrew
This one grabs onto me and doesn't let go. It reminds me of this band called t...
Thu, Feb 5 5:27 PM grapes review of OUTSTANDING by BOCrew
beautifully dope!
Mon, Oct 6 10:34 PM grapes review of Langage satisfait by Morusque
Thu, Oct 2 9:41 PM grapes review of SHOULDN'T HAVE TEASED ME by Ms.Vybe
wow.. this is hard! I really like everything you did with it. Thanks!
Sun, Aug 24 8:01 PM grapes review of FEAR THE AMERICANS by FORENSIC
haha thats pretty dope.. reminds me of smoov-e and nine inch nails for some reas...
Thu, Aug 21 11:08 AM grapes review of Lignified by Pitx
Your music always makes me happy :D Great and very unique stuff!
Sun, Jun 8 4:22 PM grapes review of Life of Luxury / Theme by BOCrew
this is the one!!
Sun, May 18 9:34 PM grapes review of Better Git Ta Gittin' by duckett
this song is hard!! im finna go knock some one out! hahaha
Sat, Dec 15 6:36 PM grapes review of Amadu Wuttawon (...Joseph? mix) by duckett
this dope man.. why you hatin on your own work?! haha it reminds me of some e...