Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by grapes

Sun, Dec 19 11:02 AM grapes review of Mr Cheeseman by Scomber
I probably won't drive down the street playing this song with the windows down a...
Sun, Jun 20 5:20 PM grapes review of When You Hold The Grooves and Let Them Into the Dark Spaces by SackJo22
I would LOVE to get my hands on that guitar lick! Such a sweet mix. SACKJ...
Mon, Apr 12 10:49 AM grapes review of you...uh! by maajonic
Sounds great man.. I could of never pictured this song with vocals.. You kno...
Sat, Dec 5 2:50 PM grapes review of Hapbirmai by Pitx
good vibes!
Sun, Nov 29 3:07 PM grapes review of Trawnicing by Pitx
This is good. I would love to hear more experimental pitx. Very cool Oh and fo...
Sat, Nov 28 12:01 PM grapes review of HEAVY by BOCrew
this is a head banger rite here!
Thu, Nov 5 11:12 AM grapes review of U TERU S . Birth of Souls by Loveshadow
haha i think victor put it best.
Thu, Nov 5 10:51 AM grapes review of First Breath by fourstones
What MCJB said is pretty much the way I feel to. It takes a special someone to d...
Wed, Nov 4 2:53 PM grapes review of Brontorat by Morusque
do you ever make bad music? Nahhhh, I don't think that's possible.
Wed, Nov 4 2:49 PM grapes review of Rewired "In My Dreams" (Musetta RMX) by musetta
Wed, Nov 4 2:42 PM grapes review of Bits and Pieces (dance mix) by duckett
haha i think smooth is the key word. very nice treatment. Love the beat and guit...
Wed, Nov 4 2:39 PM grapes review of In Out by SackJo22
DOPE! Great use of the samples and very creative.
Wed, Nov 4 1:08 PM grapes review of Intersection by Lars J. Brouwer
Sun, Oct 18 5:55 PM grapes review of WARning by DJ.E-State
E-STATE OOZES HIP HOP! It's a rare to find good pure hip hop now a days but eve...
Sun, Oct 18 3:53 PM grapes review of EMPIRE BACK / Interlude by BOCrew
its a slumper