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Reviews left by oberonskye

Tue, Oct 2 6:09 AM oberonskye review of Joy (of Being) by Anchor
Beautiful and deeply moving. Thank you for sharing your soul so generously.
Mon, Sep 17 6:32 AM oberonskye review of The Complete Sigmund Freud Ballads by Anchor
Delightful homage to the "Song Cycles." I was transported to a grand salon wher...
Fri, Sep 14 6:02 AM oberonskye review of We Are The Communicators by Victoria Melfi
Entrancing and definitely portals opening. Alas, too brief, but captivating.
Wed, Aug 22 11:46 AM oberonskye review of Apache Dance by Victoria Melfi
Wonderful. I love your phrasing. Hope we hear a great deal more from you!
Wed, Aug 22 11:42 AM oberonskye review of The Art Of Dying by Jeris
Unable to recommend since I share wi-fi with another ccm person. However, I am ...
Wed, Aug 22 11:32 AM oberonskye review of A Simple Parlour Ballad (for Joe) by radiotimes
Beautiful work all the way around. Thanks for the reminder. He was a great los...
Mon, Aug 20 4:32 PM oberonskye review of White In The Moon by Victoria Melfi
Excellent with evocative phrasing. I love your voice. Thanks for sharing.
Mon, Aug 20 4:29 PM oberonskye review of Buffalo Gals by Victoria Melfi
Beautiful and haunting interpretation. The song will never be the same for me ag...
Wed, Apr 18 3:08 PM oberonskye review of The Incident by Anchor
An amazing poem of unrequited love given reverent poignancy with your vocalizati...
Thu, Apr 12 6:41 AM oberonskye review of The Incident (New Mix) by Jeris
Both you and Anchor have done Mr. Houseman proud. A painful poem made into an e...
Thu, Apr 12 6:39 AM oberonskye review of Circles by radiotimes
A haunting interpretation that brings a new depth of understanding to the univer...
Mon, Jan 16 3:32 PM oberonskye review of The Incident by Jeris
so evocative. I think I have to find a place to cry. But thanks for a poignant ...