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A Simple Parlour Ballad (for Joe)

uploaded: Tue, Aug 21, 2012 @ 8:39 PM
FeaturingJoe Lincoln "Driving away from U"
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I have just found out the news about Fireproof Babies. It happened while I was away playing the fool and I am so very sad to hear of his passing. Joe was an original whose energy and humour came across so well in his music especially those driving guitars he played so well. He once took my first vocal sample and made it his own with a blasting journey through my early years. He kindly took the time when I asked him to upload one of his vocals for me to mix and when uploaded was so kind as to tell me my version was better. I am not sure if that was true but it was a mark of the man that in a world where ego is sometimes king he would openly say this.

The music was something I was working on and it seemed to fit the news. I have added the first few lines of Joe’s vocal that he gave me which is also apt in the circumstances.

Victoria’s voice is a very welcome addition to CCM and I have adjusted the melody to fit the music. Anchor is Anchor. His vocal has not been adjusted and as is his way magically works with the melody.

Finally many thanks to the Admiral for the gentle but soulful piano.

On a side issue I could not give FPB’s sample as a source as the source box menu of his uploads stopped before it reached the item

"A Simple Parlour Ballad (for Joe)"
by radiotimes

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