Reviews left by duckett

Wed, Dec 4 11:51 PM duckett review of Chaos and Corruption by jaspertine
A little of The Sundays, a little Echo and the Bunnymen, but all jaspertine in t...
Sun, Nov 24 7:07 PM duckett review of Ink on the Page by Admiral Bob
There's maybe some minor issues with seating the vocals, but a great mixter matc...
Sun, Nov 24 7:05 PM duckett review of What Do You See by Apoxode
I love your refusal to harmonically resolve neatly until much farther along
Sun, Nov 24 7:01 PM duckett review of Black to the Night (1000 Ways Mix) by SackJo22
Whoa. David Lynch needs to make the video for this
Sun, Nov 24 6:59 PM duckett review of Endure by Anchor
There's a slightly furry, soft quality to the musical background which works wel...
Sun, Nov 24 6:55 PM duckett review of Onlymyth by septahelix
Nice journey, always keeping/shifting threads while traversing new ground
Sun, Nov 24 6:53 PM duckett review of Moon Capture by gurdonark
I really like gurdonark+essesq, as both are unafraid to strip things down to ess...
Sun, Nov 24 6:46 PM duckett review of Paper Hearts (live in Bayreuth) by Siobhan Dakay
Huge and theatric
Sun, Nov 24 6:44 PM duckett review of One True Mother by Speck
Precisely unsettling in a most pleasing way
Sun, Nov 24 6:41 PM duckett review of Chance by onlymeith
Sun, Nov 24 6:40 PM duckett review of Somebody We Know by Loveshadow
I could easily see .38 Special or Orleans having a huge hit with this in 1982- a...
Sun, Nov 24 6:31 PM duckett review of the reason by panu
There's a lovely Small Faces feeling to this. Nice!
Sun, Nov 24 6:28 PM duckett review of White In The Moon** The other Side Of The Moon Remix by J.Lang
SCHMOOOVE and warm, spacious yet punchy and sparkling. Put this on when you've s...
Sun, Nov 24 6:24 PM duckett review of Amplifier Blues by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Remixes like this help inspire me to take more chances.
Sun, Nov 24 6:13 PM duckett review of Duckett|Kungfu|Stop by KungFu
Such a pleasure to see a full-blown instrumental used in a Secret Mixter! Fun li...