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Reviews left by duckett

Sun, Jun 23 10:26 AM duckett review of Un Rien Suffit by texasradiofish
Head nod activated
Sun, Jun 23 10:18 AM duckett review of intensity up to TEN by Admiral Bob
Love that bass especially ;)
Sun, Jun 23 10:17 AM duckett review of I'm Coming Home by texasradiofish
Something very Lionel Richie about this arrangement; really brings out the soul ...
Sun, Jun 23 10:14 AM duckett review of Propelyne Adagietto by Speck
Spacious yet intimate.
Sun, Jun 23 10:12 AM duckett review of I Used To Think (ft Kara S) by Ivan Chew
There's a warm, retro fizziness to this I love.
Sun, Jun 23 6:58 AM duckett review of The Showroom by INVISIBLE KAOS OUTSIDE
I'd love to hear you remix some of Joe Lincoln (Fireproof Babies)'s material (RI...
Sun, Jun 23 6:54 AM duckett review of 40 Days 40 Nights by Alex
Huge and crispy
Sun, Jun 23 6:53 AM duckett review of Distant Lands by Zep Hurme
Club banger! oontz oontz oontz oontz
Sun, Jun 23 6:51 AM duckett review of Cheat the Night by Scomber
I am a sucker for warm, lush pads, so right from the get-go I was sold... it onl...
Tue, Jun 18 11:30 PM duckett review of Mechanics in Love by Robbero
Your stuff always has a signature sound, but every track is different.. this one...
Tue, Jun 18 11:25 PM duckett review of Clear Heart by Speck
I always enjoy your ability to find original and interesting ways to play with h...
Tue, Jun 18 10:58 PM duckett review of Glxtch Wxrld by Apoxode
Yowza! "No BPM" indeed :) Granted, the audience for this sort of thing isn't ...
Tue, Jun 18 10:51 PM duckett review of Probably Shouldn't by J.Lang
Another brilliant lesson in "simple and to the point". Everything has a chance t...
Tue, Jun 18 10:45 PM duckett review of Come Back 2 Me by Zep Hurme
Has that wonderful warm vibe that Stevie Wonder albums like Innervisions and Ful...
Tue, Jun 18 10:42 PM duckett review of I Used to Think by Loveshadow
Oof. JLang was utterly justified in the Ed Pick- ear candy indeed! This should...