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Sat, Feb 16 9:29 PM J.Lang review of C-Bone Shuffle by Admiral Bob
That what we call down home music. Sweet Talking Blues. Nicely done.
Fri, Nov 30 3:03 PM J.Lang review of ****The Heart That Beats ***** by Loveshadow
Tue, Nov 6 6:09 PM J.Lang review of 8 Years (ccMixterism) by duckett
This is Hot Duck. I love the way it starts with the vocal effects, Keys & Guitar...
Wed, Sep 19 4:06 AM J.Lang review of Feels Like Underwater by Admiral Bob
Nice Mix A.B. One of my favorite C. G. Pellas. Nicely done. Great Mandolin.
Wed, Sep 19 4:03 AM J.Lang review of Last Minute Blues by reusenoise
Congrats on the Ed Pick. I'm feeling the track.
Wed, Sep 19 3:58 AM J.Lang review of Wishes by Jeris
Very well done !!!
Wed, Sep 19 3:48 AM J.Lang review of Closer Now (Get Funky Mix) by Snowflake
Wow, Sexy & Cool.. very sexy... did i say sexy? Great work, a well deserved ...
Wed, Sep 19 3:35 AM J.Lang review of You Made Me Believe (ft Jeris) by SackJo22
Funky funky and mo funky. Great work young lady!!
Wed, Sep 19 3:31 AM J.Lang review of All I Wear Is Chucks by Blake
I love the way you flipped this track. I've been a fan since day one and as it w...
Wed, Sep 19 3:25 AM J.Lang review of Deeper In Yourself (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
Wed, Sep 12 2:43 PM J.Lang review of You Won't Say Love by Loveshadow
Wed, Sep 12 9:50 AM J.Lang review of The Ghost of Bugs by radiotimes
That Mandolin is sweeter than Grandma's apple pie. Nice work Radiotimes my hat i...
Wed, Sep 12 9:47 AM J.Lang review of Out of Step (stems) by Ass Over Tea Kettle
Funky and Mo funky for sure. Very well done.
Wed, Sep 12 9:40 AM J.Lang review of Hey Cinderella by Steven M Bryant
Great Track Steven. Love the Vocals and sweet mix.
Sat, Jul 21 6:45 AM J.Lang review of Southern Comfort by Scomber
Southern rock with a touch of down home country funk. I can dig it.