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Kwame (djiz):

Reviews left by Kwame

Fri, Mar 7 3:11 PM Kwame review of WuttaGottaDu (hipslide mix) by duckett
Nice work on the beat! Love that eregic drum line and the guitar is perfect he...
Wed, Mar 5 5:00 AM Kwame review of Spank That Booty_Dark Room Lap Dance Remix by J.Lang
This one is crazy! Perfect beat for that pella.
Mon, Mar 3 1:07 AM Kwame review of Black Is The Night [Omni Vista's Deep Mix] by Omni Vista
A perfect summer track, I could imagine this one sounding at a barbecue with gre...
Mon, Mar 3 12:56 AM Kwame review of Sophie's Song Extended Mix with ccRaps by The3amAssociation
Thanks for using my acappella. Great track, I like the overall construction, in...
Sat, Mar 1 2:21 AM Kwame review of GMZ vs Emonic aka Getaway The Otra Vez Mix by J.Lang
Nice work on it!
Thu, Feb 21 4:00 AM Kwame review of Chucks Mix by maccam912
I agree that drums are a bit over powered... But it has a Neptune's feeling that...
Wed, Feb 20 6:34 AM Kwame review of Ya Rap by Alex
Nice beat! It gives a new direction to that track. Also a really good sounds q...
Tue, Feb 19 5:46 AM Kwame review of Otto Dangerfield 2008 by DJ.E-State
Nice work E_State! That beat is perfect and the voice is syched! 90's flavor ...
Tue, Feb 19 5:35 AM Kwame review of Sunshine (cdk something else mix) by Analog By Nature
Nice work on that one. love the drums and the electronic melody.
Tue, Feb 12 1:37 AM Kwame review of Peace (sleepywhisper's make dub not war remix) by sleepywhisper
Nice remix, a great ambiant track. The idea is really interesting but perhaps m...
Sun, Feb 10 11:53 PM Kwame review of Remixah Leejunnaire (cake mix) by duckett
Great beat! Love the guitar and the drums, original drumloop (1 snare / bars???...
Sun, Feb 10 7:02 AM Kwame review of ya rap chandu mix by Chandan Boruah
Nice beat! I like the drums.
Sun, Feb 10 12:18 AM Kwame review of What Cha Waitin 4 - DT's Dr Strangelove Mix by two_curve
Perfect! Cant stop to listen to this track.
Sat, Feb 9 8:13 AM Kwame review of ya rap by Login_Name
Can't get aword of what they said but that's a crazy pell! Check out my remix...
Fri, Feb 8 1:46 PM Kwame review of Remixah Leejun of Doom Mix-Produced by GhettoDragon by Ghettodragon
Nice work on the vocal and good idea to mix those MCs. I like the beat, the way...