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Reviews left by Kwame

Mon, Sep 7 1:26 PM Kwame review of Just Breathe by FGrn Grn
I like the feeling of that remix, it's oppressing… Another approach of that pe...
Mon, Sep 7 1:07 PM Kwame review of Just Breathe (Planet Hooston mix) by duckett
Strange but good... I like the idea. It really sounds dark or like we're listen...
Mon, Sep 7 12:36 PM Kwame review of Just Breath by Alex
Nice! This beat is awesome, perfect for clubs and cars (it goes in mine this ni...
Wed, Sep 2 2:22 PM Kwame review of Reason why I rock (SpliffValley 0°C edit) by spliffvalley
Nice beat! I love the bass! Well done.
Wed, Aug 26 4:01 AM Kwame review of Man Of Mystery (Woman Of Sin Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Great bass! This remix is better each times I listen to it. Well done.
Wed, Aug 26 2:24 AM Kwame review of Persephone by Snowflake
All had been said... I'm impressed, this remix is beautiful, great music, progre...
Wed, Aug 26 1:37 AM Kwame review of Scombertronic Tragedy by duckett
Nice one. I like the way you work the vocal and mix them with this heavy beat, ...
Tue, Aug 25 7:16 AM Kwame review of War & Art & Love (secret mix) by teru
Great remix! Nothing to add...
Tue, Aug 25 6:52 AM Kwame review of LOVE IN THE CLUB-The Bootleg Secret Mixter 12 inch remix by J.Lang
Great! It really reminds me of some DJ sets in clubs. Nice job!
Tue, Aug 25 6:17 AM Kwame review of Atlas by Alex
Good remix. I love the overall mix... It sounds mysterious.
Tue, Aug 25 6:13 AM Kwame review of cold wood stove blues (balsa boy mix) by places_to_know
Great job here! It sounds like an original track... Well done.
Tue, Aug 25 4:44 AM Kwame review of I'm Diggin' It by SackJo22
Nice! love it!
Tue, Aug 25 3:45 AM Kwame review of Imbolc (Secret Last Virus Mix) by Aamu
Strange but cool. At first I was a bit surprised, I'm used to traditional rhyth...
Tue, Aug 25 2:24 AM Kwame review of Danger (Secret rewired Remix) by rewired
I love the beat! Nice job on it... It's been along I didnt listen to myself as...
Tue, Aug 18 3:38 PM Kwame review of Garden Of The Forking by J.Lang
Nice mix, perfect track for the car's playlist ;)