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c.layne (clayne):

Reviews left by c.layne

Sounds good, man!
Thu, Jul 2 9:43 AM c.layne review of end by Speck
Oooh! I like this. Quite a bit, actually!
Sat, May 31 6:07 PM c.layne review of friends by bridges
Very cool. Make it longer!!
Fri, Feb 15 8:26 PM c.layne review of Short Fuses Burn Long Bridges (bill berry mix) by William Berry
!!! This is what I'm fucking talking about! Delicious.
Thu, Jan 31 2:59 PM c.layne review of Water is Bad (MattStacks mix) by Mattstack
This is pretty rad. I'm glad you decided to play with some tempo changes. Very c...
Thu, Jan 3 5:59 PM c.layne review of Abell (distant galaxy mix) by spinmeister
This is excellent. I like how you took the vocal melody in a different direction...
Sun, Nov 4 3:46 AM c.layne review of Places by oldDog
i really enjoy this. i didn't think i would at first, but it quickly gets very ...
Sun, Oct 7 4:18 AM c.layne review of Need Clever Music Got Rock by p1rj1s
very, very cool. i was hoping to hear some of my a capellas with some rap. tha...
Thu, Sep 27 3:27 AM c.layne review of Falling To The Grass by duckett
this is awesome! i can really get lost in this, especially with that droning gu...
Thu, Sep 27 3:24 AM c.layne review of The Apathetic Dirtbag by MC Jack in the Box
the different bpms of the music and the vocals works at some points and at other...
Thu, Sep 27 3:22 AM c.layne review of Short Fuses... - So Far Away remix by teru
another good one. the vocals don't line up right in the second verse, but if so...
Fri, Sep 21 10:34 PM c.layne review of Water is Bad (bill berry mix) by William Berry
i really like how dark this is. this song is one of the more upbeat and fun on ...
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