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Tue, Dec 8 7:45 AM beckfords review of Runnin by mykleanthony
sweeeet!absolutely wicked mix sir.thanx sooo much for usin the pella,i'm gonna h...
Sun, Dec 6 3:34 AM beckfords review of Another Week End / BEAT 02 by BOCrew
mmmn tasty beat!
Sun, Dec 6 2:41 AM beckfords review of THE Reason ! ( Somthin Special) by Loveshadow
what a treat for my sunday morning, and its gonna be played on loop for the rest...
Sat, Dec 5 10:43 AM beckfords review of Tranquilize by morgantj
deep, dark,mysterious, heavyweight!
Sat, Dec 5 10:32 AM beckfords review of Fireside Mix by Lasswell
crystal clear instrumentation
Fri, Dec 4 4:01 PM beckfords review of Off The Chain by Blake
noddin, noddin, an noddin some more!
Fri, Dec 4 3:54 PM beckfords review of something by airtone
i'm not the kind of person who holds back on what i 'really' think, SO,to my ear...
Fri, Dec 4 11:04 AM beckfords review of 2 B Luved ( BlackJays Summer Memory Mix ) Again by mykleanthony
bro , great addition and enhancement!and vocally' as snoop would say' THA SHIZZN...
Fri, Dec 4 7:00 AM beckfords review of 2 B Luved ( BlackJays Summer Memory Mix ) by Loveshadow
for me bro this is where i'm feelin ya vybe the most, reminds me of excitement f...
Thu, Dec 3 5:45 AM beckfords review of Soldier by J.Lang
maaaan how did i miss this! gotta be the best urban lick i've heard in ages!!!
Thu, Dec 3 5:17 AM beckfords review of Lies by logos
whoever u are mseq u surely know how to vybe a choon! peace! cool mix
Thu, Dec 3 4:18 AM beckfords review of I Dowanna by kidcharlamaign
DAMN! u playin them instruments, like the mix sir and the bridge b4 the chorus i...
Thu, Dec 3 3:32 AM beckfords review of Mellow by Karma Cowboy
love this KC , tiz gettin downloaded chopped an sliced :-) peace!
Thu, Dec 3 3:26 AM beckfords review of Soft and Fluffy by Briareus
Thu, Dec 3 3:20 AM beckfords review of Midnight Clear by Watzmann
stunningly chilled! panu's vocals sit perfectly in the mix,great work