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Mon, Jan 9 2:12 PM artemisstrong review of Next Spring We Find Ourselves Come Back Around Again by AIR_LOMEG
I love the soundscape you've created. I also love how this is part of a continuu...
Wed, Apr 13 3:29 PM artemisstrong review of 020209 notes 03 by Morusque
Love your stuff. I find myself using your samples a lot. Just realized I somehow...
Wed, Apr 13 3:27 PM artemisstrong review of Zeus Jones Percussion Groove #001a 120bpm by zeusjones
Excellent drums to work with. Thanks a lot for the contribution!
Tue, Dec 1 11:15 PM artemisstrong review of Silent Night by MC Jack in the Box
I hate how awesome you people are! Really an amazing track... Have to share this...
Sat, Nov 21 8:54 PM artemisstrong review of WhiteNoiseNewCube by AIR_LOMEG
I like hearing something I remixed twisted and chopped into something new and be...
Wed, Nov 11 12:21 AM artemisstrong review of Burning Woman by PorchCat
This is great. Love the clicky beat. And the ambient noise is top notch. This is...
Wed, Nov 4 11:17 AM artemisstrong review of CHERRY (Mr N Ms V's Mix) by Vidian
This is a saga! Love, love, love this. Cross-country trip through desert lowland...
Wed, Nov 4 11:05 AM artemisstrong review of Splice, Cut, Slice by teru
Hey-oooooh! This is fun, fun shtuff.
Wed, Nov 4 10:46 AM artemisstrong review of Summer Hours (rewired's Chilly Essence) by rewired
Intense! I nearly had a heart attack.
Thu, Sep 24 7:53 AM artemisstrong review of Computer by DoKashiteru
Sweetness! love the bass. it's a great counter-point to the fragile drums. yeah,...
Thu, Aug 27 11:33 AM artemisstrong review of Secret Garden by ScOmBer
Thu, Aug 27 11:25 AM artemisstrong review of War & Art & Love (secret mix) by teru
Yes! This is beauty.
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