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Reviews left by annabloom

Sun, May 8 7:02 AM annabloom review of This Moment by Speck
simply outstanding.
Fri, May 6 12:52 PM annabloom review of Minimal Expenditure by Speck
and thanks for the samplepacks
Sat, Apr 16 2:30 PM annabloom review of TremeTerra Dubwise by Oficina Musica Digital
on the playlist it goes.
Sat, Apr 16 1:23 PM annabloom review of wagneria Baque Jazz by wagneria
phantasic, i love the drums, light and thorough
Sat, Apr 9 7:52 AM annabloom review of Strike The Root by Lessig
very instructive in that connection: The Ascent of Money, which explains how we ...
Thu, Apr 7 3:38 PM annabloom review of Hm by Speck
a great song - another one. the stem is extremely useful btw, to be used 'as is'...
Wed, Apr 6 4:42 PM annabloom review of Commentary by Sprezza
great stuff, i think i'll use that soon.
Wed, Apr 6 1:54 PM annabloom review of Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX) by Antony Raijekov
great track, and thanks for the midi
Tue, Apr 5 2:30 PM annabloom review of Boredroom vocal by CiggiBurns
simply awesome.
Wed, Mar 30 2:20 PM annabloom review of kill kill kill (tschechischermärchenprinz rmx) by tschechischermärchenprinz
i like the minimalist approach. well done.
Wed, Mar 30 1:58 PM annabloom review of Two by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
file under: songs i would have done but didn't
Sun, Mar 20 10:41 AM annabloom review of Ramping Fumitory by Speck
well done sir, i like it. a lot.