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Sun, Nov 15 8:03 AM Anchor review of Transport to Your Heart by Calling Sister Midnight
What Stefan said....ditto!!
Sun, Nov 15 8:02 AM Anchor review of Saint Martins Lane by Scomber
You really did a fantastic job adapting the poem and the lyric as well interpret...
Mon, Sep 14 5:09 AM Anchor review of Red Leaves Cyclops by Speck
The One-Eyed One thanks you! Love the atmosphere of this offering....
Sun, Sep 6 2:54 PM Anchor review of Calling, I'm Calling by Calling Sister Midnight
Cheers! and so glad you did pick up the phone....... xoxoxo Mr. Mejans
Sat, Aug 8 12:34 PM Anchor review of The Tattooed Taoist by radiotimes
Cannot wait to read the autobiography of Radiotimes... make sure you leave noth...
Wed, Jun 10 3:59 PM Anchor review of How Love Begins by trustno1
love it ...has an alluring mood and atmospheric pull.
Thu, Apr 2 8:05 AM Anchor review of Waves Of Fear, Hope And Supplication by Speck
Primordial !
Sun, Feb 22 6:38 AM Anchor review of Fear Nothing (Relaxation Mix) by Jeris
You did a fabulous job with this Jeris - a clear and excellent mix - and one tha...
Sun, Feb 15 7:48 AM Anchor review of Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500) by Speck
Alchemy !
Mon, Nov 17 5:14 AM Anchor review of Grease in Grace by Briareus
How did I miss this? But for secret mixter uploads I may never have heard it ! ...
Sun, Nov 16 11:11 AM Anchor review of Feel The Ground Burn Under The White Of The Moon by Scott Altham
got your signature creative touch Scott! Enjoyed the dynamics! (and hearing a l...
Sun, Nov 16 11:08 AM Anchor review of New Earth by Geert Veneklaas
Beautiful Geert...pulls me right into a warm comforting place.
Sun, Nov 16 11:05 AM Anchor review of Maisie's Dream by gurdonark
always like cross-over arts... nice content and intriguing sounds.....
Sun, Nov 16 10:59 AM Anchor review of Piano dream by Stefan Kartenberg
Add my lauds to the above...very pleasing stuff!
Sun, Nov 16 10:57 AM Anchor review of E lucevan le stelle pt. 2 by Jeris
love your creative verve......