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Reviews left by airtone

Fri, May 29 11:35 PM airtone review of Transmutate by Snowflake
the vocals and lyrics are just right for the music and takes it on a new path, m...
Tue, May 12 3:06 AM airtone review of Let Me Live Long Enough by Speck
wonderful lyrics and singing reflecting the disappointment of how thing are but ...
Wed, Apr 8 12:13 PM airtone review of The Groove (airtone) by Darkroom
like this style, thanks very much for the remix
Mon, Apr 6 11:41 PM airtone review of funkyGarden by Jeris
really enjoyed this one also, thanks for stepping to do these secret mixes, cove...
Mon, Apr 6 11:41 PM airtone review of Butterfly Woke by Jeris
great lyrics and singing and really liking the reggae adaptation, a good metapho...
Mon, Feb 24 2:06 PM airtone review of Where Do We Go by Dan_Mantau
sounds good, nice combination of sounds
Mon, Feb 24 1:42 PM airtone review of sidebyside by panu
thanks panu, really nice guitar playing, I think I prefer the upload without my ...
Tue, Jan 14 10:48 AM airtone review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
great track, nice use of the stems, hopefully it will summon the rain.
Sun, Nov 24 11:20 PM airtone review of On The Airtone by Jonatha Chance
thanks for the mix, a good use and choice of sounds
Fri, Nov 8 12:52 PM airtone review of The Radiant Light by Apoxode
quite lemon jellyish
Sun, Sep 1 5:14 AM airtone review of The Test* by J.Lang
really nice addition of strings and drums
Sat, Aug 10 11:21 PM airtone review of Breathe (Travel Light) by Snowflake
thanks Emily, your vocals and lyrics blend with the music perfectly. Light, evoc...
Sun, May 12 12:38 PM airtone review of Winter Night, Summer Day by Beluga Ten
mellow sounds nicely combined, really good for film or animation.
Sun, Apr 14 4:10 AM airtone review of Takeda Tone by Speck
thanks for using these samples, sound really good together
Fri, Jan 11 10:16 PM airtone review of hot lite core by panu
thanks for the remix, a really nice combination of sounds.