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Reviews left by airtone

Thu, Apr 13 10:42 PM airtone review of Consequential Gardening by Radioontheshelf
a very original mix, seems to have an irish, celtic mood
Mon, Apr 10 12:07 AM airtone review of Inside Me by echo_orbit
great sound
Sat, Apr 8 5:21 AM airtone review of My Girl by Darkroom
really nice mix, good use of the samples
Wed, Mar 29 12:48 PM airtone review of Her Escape by Snowflake
thank you for this remix, it was great to hear it on the live stream and again h...
Wed, Mar 15 10:38 AM airtone review of Random Alien Sonata by septahelix
a nice evolving and atmospheric soundscape
Sun, Feb 26 4:13 AM airtone review of Blue Moon Perspectives by spinningmerkaba
like this very much, great sound
Sun, Feb 26 3:00 AM airtone review of An Hour Adrift by Ezra Skull
a nice vibe, great guitar work
Sat, Feb 4 10:58 AM airtone review of Second Best by Radioontheshelf
nice additions and storytelling
Sat, Feb 4 2:47 AM airtone review of Favourite Colours by Apoxode
a very sophisticated mix
Sat, Jan 28 12:30 AM airtone review of Cosine by mwic
thanks for adding the guitar and including the sample it works really well, I’...
Fri, Jan 27 11:47 AM airtone review of Amaranthian Elephants by Speck
a great sounding collage of sounds
Fri, Jan 20 10:25 AM airtone review of Random Strange Little Tunes by Speck
thank you for the strange, random mix.
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