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Reviews left by airtone

Fri, Sep 16 1:06 PM airtone review of 1975 by Radioontheshelf
great storytelling
Sun, Sep 11 1:44 AM airtone review of Soul and Body ft airtone by Apoxode
great sequencing skills with an organic sound, many thanks
Fri, Aug 26 6:51 AM airtone review of You Got Freedom by Apoxode
this sound great, reminds me of Orbital in places
Mon, Jul 4 6:30 AM airtone review of As the Lotus Opens by Zenboy1955
sound great, very chill
Fri, Jul 1 12:27 PM airtone review of RoboChimp by Robbero
immersive sound
Tue, Jun 28 2:58 PM airtone review of Have You Felt by Speck
really good listening on headphones without any other distraction
Tue, May 24 3:33 AM airtone review of Parked Karma by Speck
good karma
Wed, Mar 16 11:36 AM airtone review of One Day I'll Buy You A New Dress by Radioontheshelf
thanks for adding the poignant lyrics to this
Sun, Mar 6 1:18 PM airtone review of 𝚛𝚎𝙵𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍 by Apoxode
really like how you transformed this, the slower bpm and added reverb make alot ...
Sat, Mar 5 3:26 PM airtone review of My Love Song by Siobhan Dakay
Sat, Mar 5 9:55 AM airtone review of Everything Will Have Its Purpose by Radioontheshelf
thank you for adding the Bowie-esk vocals and very thoughtful lyrics
Fri, Mar 4 8:48 AM airtone review of Still Lost by Speck
love this, its great that you found that rhythm and atmosphere using these sound...