One Love Event Extended!

Reviews left by airtone

Mon, Mar 1 1:00 PM airtone review of bit by bit by Vidian
such a nice spacious sound and atmosphere to this
Sat, Feb 20 11:28 PM airtone review of Seven Minute Love by septahelix
great mix, thanks for the include
Sat, Feb 13 5:27 AM airtone review of One (Sweet Everyday Puzzle Of) Love by Speck
nice combination
Sun, Feb 7 1:33 PM airtone review of Music Takes Shape by Apoxode
nice lo-fi vibe, agree with speck 'just enough'
Sun, Feb 7 1:29 PM airtone review of Everyday rock by sparky
very nicely done, run-dmc like
Wed, Feb 3 2:52 AM airtone review of Painting Trees by Speck
thanks for this mix, sounds great
Mon, Jan 4 10:18 AM airtone review of Pandemic Blues by spinningmerkaba
Just going through your 2020 playlist, thanks for putting this together, I would...
Fri, Jan 1 1:38 PM airtone review of Life in the industry by Carosone
industrial melancholy
Thu, Dec 31 2:25 PM airtone review of Full Moon Starry Night by Stefan Kartenberg
great lyrics, singing and musicianship
Thu, Dec 31 2:13 PM airtone review of Happy New Year by Loveshadow
happy new year :)
Tue, Dec 22 4:38 AM airtone review of acoustic guitar mix by Stefan Kartenberg
I've just been trying to some record acoustic guitar, its not easy but this is d...
Sun, Dec 13 4:45 AM airtone review of Stay by Jeris
very new order
Sun, Dec 13 4:27 AM airtone review of En Shenandoah by Down With Ben
this is great, thanks for making such good use of the instrumental track
Fri, Oct 9 11:48 PM airtone review of Ray of Hope by Apoxode
nice moody vibe
Tue, Sep 29 2:31 PM airtone review of Haunted Resonance by maplesnow
nicely done, very much like the hang drum