Reviews left by airtone

Mon, Jan 10 4:14 AM airtone review of Bluenotation by Ezra Skull
sounds great, a lot of space in the mix, the drums go really well with it
Mon, Jan 3 2:29 AM airtone review of Enuit Walk by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
agree with Javolenus, nice evolution of the title also
Fri, Dec 31 12:19 AM airtone review of πš‹πš•πšŠπš—πš”πšŽπš by Apoxode
very cool
Thu, Dec 30 2:33 AM airtone review of Covid for Christmas by Admiral Bob
real and authentic blues
Wed, Dec 29 4:01 AM airtone review of Shimmering Ennui by Speck
Aways happy to see a Speck upload email, realy enjoyed this composition.
Wed, Dec 15 12:07 AM airtone review of Under the Stars by Snowflake
evokes the feeling of seeing a bigger picture and not being confined to a narrow...
Wed, Dec 8 2:06 AM airtone review of π’—π’Šπ’π’•π’‚π’ˆπ’† by Apoxode
very understated, a nice chill vibe
Fri, Dec 3 2:58 AM airtone review of Liberty Road (everday is like a holiday mix) by Kristian (SunStreamFM)
a very good mix, goes really well with the vocal
Wed, Dec 1 11:15 AM airtone review of The Torn Beauty by Radioontheshelf
you vocals are very Scot Walker like as I've mentioned before, maybe a bit loud ...
Sun, Oct 31 1:30 PM airtone review of CO2 by sparky
really like this
Sun, Oct 31 2:47 AM airtone review of Fierce Love by Snowflake
the vocals add a new dimension to the sounds of apoxode. I'm glad ccMixter is st...
Sun, Oct 31 2:38 AM airtone review of COΒ²MPLICATIONS by sparky
thanks for this remix, it sounds great, I think I did those drums to a triplet g...
Sun, Sep 12 2:37 AM airtone review of π™²πšπšˆπš‚πšƒπ™°π™» by Apoxode
natural organic, minimal vibe
Sun, Sep 12 2:24 AM airtone review of BOCREW CCMIXTER 2006-2021 QUIT by BOCrew
CCMixter was created outside of the systems of making music as a product to own ...
Wed, Aug 25 4:52 AM airtone review of Home Precarity by Speck
a precarious collage of homely sounds