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Reviews left for _ghost

Sat, Jun 2 8:57 AM TheDICE review of why journey? (small theme) by _ghost
lovely music. congrats Sir
Tue, May 29 10:33 AM TheDICE review of Warm Ink by _ghost
congrats a lot for your composing skills. this was an excellent listening
Sun, Apr 22 2:34 AM tacet review of Maze by _ghost
Great stuff :) Smooth and easy, great vocal and guitars on this one too :)
Wed, Apr 11 8:43 AM TheDICE review of Lullaby by _ghost
Hey, congrats a lot for this one. It's a masterpiece. That day when i tried "Cr...
Tue, Apr 10 6:46 PM TheDICE review of Maze by _ghost
I like very much this song. Congrats on the neat work
Mon, Apr 9 11:10 PM Javolenus review of Maze by _ghost
Hey, nice work! Thanks for using my stuff. Very nicely edited GTR works well. An...
Tue, Feb 28 10:59 PM Wired Ant review of promo 2 sample pack by _ghost
brilliant chilled high production samples and wait - it sounds just great
Mon, May 16 10:40 AM Snowflake review of bonobo business sample pack by _ghost
discovered this again by way of CSoul - really excellent stuff here. thank you f...
Sun, Mar 20 2:55 AM Zapac review of Empty rooms (small theme) by _ghost
Awesome! More to come ... I hope so too! :)
Thu, Mar 10 12:05 PM Zapac review of Eclectic sheep (small theme) by _ghost
Tue, Mar 1 7:19 AM gerafin review of Sol, Solar, Solaris by _ghost
I'm working on a space-strategy game - it's not going to be out for a while, but...
Thu, Jan 27 3:16 PM McMullee review of Ice and Chilli by _ghost
Tue, Jan 25 6:59 PM sunbyrn review of Ice and Chilli by _ghost
great work. feel free to write the soundtrack to my life.
Thu, Sep 9 9:12 PM coruscate review of Cold Theme (Unlimited Bass Edition) by _ghost
This one is definitely superior (don't ask me to explain) than your other kit I ...
Thu, Sep 9 9:09 PM coruscate review of promo 2 sample pack by _ghost
Very nice and laid back, with a steady movement to it. Good job.