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Reviews left by Whitewolf

Thu, Feb 18 5:14 PM Whitewolf review of One Love by Zep Hurme
One helluva trip on the Caribbean love boat!
Thu, Feb 18 5:11 PM Whitewolf review of Love is the Chase by Admiral Bob
That deep, driving bass.... love it! Guitar is beautiful, rides with the Rhodes ...
Thu, Feb 18 5:09 PM Whitewolf review of One (Sweet Everyday Puzzle Of) Love by Speck
A picture perfect puzzle, all the pieces fit excellently!
Thu, Feb 18 4:59 PM Whitewolf review of The Anthem of World Peace by Skye Jordan
Quite a trip! Love this mix a lot!
Sun, Feb 7 7:25 AM Whitewolf review of Pool of Love (Whatcha Gonna Do mix) by Darkroom
Very cool mix. You did Snowflake's vocals justice here.
Fri, Feb 5 6:27 PM Whitewolf review of finger food by panu
13 years now, and you're keeping it fresh and beautiful. Keep on singing and pic...
Fri, Feb 5 4:36 PM Whitewolf review of Love Love Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Backing track reminds me a lot of "A Horse With No Name" by America. This is a r...
Fri, Feb 5 4:44 AM Whitewolf review of One Love (L.O.V.E spells love) by ScOmBer
What a lovely song to wake up to on this blustery, snowy morning. A musical warm...
Wed, Feb 3 4:31 PM Whitewolf review of Jealousy by ScOmBer
Pretty song, excellent mix! Your tweaks to Admiral Bob's track are clear and sub...
Wed, Feb 3 4:21 PM Whitewolf review of Love's a Puzzle that we Make by Admiral Bob
You have definitely captured the spirit of the Junkies, imho. I've been a fan fo...
Tue, Jan 26 8:23 PM Whitewolf review of Waiting For Guidance by Radioontheshelf
Wonderful song, your songwriting is top-notch... you really have a flare for lyr...
Tue, Jan 26 8:20 PM Whitewolf review of Elleroberts_-_AfterADayOfWaiting by MalreDeszik
This track also reminds me somewhat of old beat poetry, nicely done.
Tue, Jan 26 8:18 PM Whitewolf review of Mindmapthat_-_ThePastAttacked by MalreDeszik
Interesting, from conception to completion. Reminds me greatly of 60's style bea...
Tue, Jan 26 7:59 PM Whitewolf review of Possibility by Milky_Blue
Awesome tune! Welcome to the ccMixter clubhouse. Batter up! Ed. Pick, and well ...
Tue, Jan 26 7:52 PM Whitewolf review of The Funky Reversal by Darkroom
This is really hot! And by that I mean it's cool! Awesome mix, man!