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Whitewolf (Whitewolf225):

Reviews left by Whitewolf

Sun, Sep 13 4:12 AM Whitewolf review of I See Clear by Speck
Yes! Raw emotion mixes great with my headspace. Excellent mixing of all those sa...
Sun, Sep 13 4:08 AM Whitewolf review of Warlock (High On Mana) by 7OOP3D
Very cool! Thinking outside the box is what you do best, awesome tune!
Fri, Sep 11 3:53 PM Whitewolf review of Now understand this (sparky remix) by sparky
This song ROCKS! Excellent vocal placement, love that bass and crunchy guitar, m...
Thu, Sep 10 4:46 PM Whitewolf review of Here comes the rain by Kraftamt
I love the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy vibe here (the television show, not t...
Thu, Sep 10 4:40 PM Whitewolf review of way to love by sleeperspaceborn
Rock on!!! Sweet & heavy, absolutely well done.... !
Thu, Sep 10 4:21 PM Whitewolf review of While the Burns Heal (with Apoxode) by Mana Junkie
Backing track rocks beautifully with the spoken word of Apoxode.
Thu, Sep 10 4:15 PM Whitewolf review of Let Me Breatheby mykleanthony by BeatMachine
Diggin' this... yeah, I'm a sucker for good sax...
Thu, Sep 10 2:52 PM Whitewolf review of Coffee & Lullabies by raja_ffm
Very cool!
Thu, Sep 10 2:50 PM Whitewolf review of Still Love You. by Loveshadow
As impressive as it gets! You brought out the emotion in CLA's voice, in such a ...
Thu, Sep 10 2:46 PM Whitewolf review of Bite Mark Bossa by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Cool and smooth, can't ask for better than that. Well done!
Thu, Sep 10 2:45 PM Whitewolf review of Broadway by Scomber
What Siobhan said.... Writing, singing, playing, mixing, mastering, producing.....
Thu, Sep 10 2:37 PM Whitewolf review of Amiable Sky by texasradiofish
A very cool track, but then again, the sax makes me nostalgic for some reason, i...
Thu, Sep 10 2:35 PM Whitewolf review of Dancing like a maniac by sparky
That bassline kicks! Horns wee a wonderful touch, buzzbass later in also nice to...
Thu, Sep 10 2:32 PM Whitewolf review of Love One Another (The Final Irony) by Speck
That was awesome! Post-apocalyptic neo-souljazz typewriter porn!
Thu, Sep 10 2:27 PM Whitewolf review of Living Without You by Dan_Mantau
Oh, that bassline! Tight sound, really good guitar work, solid beat. Does what i...