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Reviews left by Vidian

Sun, Jun 5 2:30 PM Vidian review of For You I Will Be Myself by eshar
I know this was uploaded a while ago, I wanted to say Its beautiful :D
Sun, Jun 5 2:07 PM Vidian review of Underground Railroad by Cybarflint
Wow, What a voice.
Sun, Jun 5 1:59 PM Vidian review of We're Not Meant to Be by iluffchinchillas
Lyrics and tones are awesome :D The only thing is the distortion and the recordi...
Sun, Jun 5 1:56 PM Vidian review of Sorry by copperhead
You have a very powerful/Confident and emotional voice :D Something CC Needs mor...
Thu, Jun 2 7:56 PM Vidian review of Pushin' Daisies by Jeris
OMG Seriously, I love this song, You are amazing!! :D This style is so, Beautifu...
Tue, May 24 8:44 PM Vidian review of liberty road by Tomas PhUsIoN
That's Smooth :D
Tue, May 17 8:11 PM Vidian review of The Power by Abstract Audio
This is awesome :D You've developed you're own genre through this mix :D This wo...
Tue, May 17 8:06 PM Vidian review of Changing Survey by onlymeith
I have a project for you :D Plz email me if you see this :D !!
Tue, May 17 8:05 PM Vidian review of Follow Our Dreams by onlymeith
This is epic :D I can see this being performed on stage.
Tue, May 17 8:04 PM Vidian review of Set Yourself Free (It´s Your Turn) by onlymeith
Your music is really beautiful :D
Sat, May 14 8:36 PM Vidian review of At the Root by Snowflake
omg I need this.. Remember when I said you were really good at getting an idea a...
Thu, May 5 9:57 AM Vidian review of WHEN THE SKY TURNS BLUE by BOCrew
I love you, looking out the window Theres blue skys outside, unlike every other...