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Reviews left by Vidian

Sun, Feb 17 7:46 PM Vidian review of Muse by texasradiofish
Your secret mixters are always so creative. Nice job! ^ ^
Sun, Feb 17 7:42 PM Vidian review of @ cloud me by junkiestation1
I'm old. I know a lot of the older ccmixters, and have my favorites, and to m...
Sun, Feb 17 7:38 PM Vidian review of Star Illusion (Dusty City Mix) by 7OOP3D
Knew you'd be delivering another secret mixter masterpiece. Really great deep gr...
Sun, Feb 17 7:35 PM Vidian review of Alm by gurdonark
Whoa, Listening to the song reading this story.. its a really great.. and inspir...
Sun, Feb 17 7:32 PM Vidian review of Move by mykleanthony
love those bassy drums, and that synthy rift is realllllly cool. Not too hard to...
Sun, Feb 17 7:29 PM Vidian review of Very Interesting Dance Music by stellarartwars
Whoaa. This is intense. I'm blown away
Sun, Feb 17 7:26 PM Vidian review of Maybe by My Free Mickey
This is really cool, and dark. Like a damp cave. This would be the coolest rest...
Sun, Feb 17 7:22 PM Vidian review of Calling Sister Mixter with a Secret at Midnight by Kara Square
With Junkiestation1 on this. Did not expect this from you! This song leaves me o...
Sun, Feb 17 4:34 PM Vidian review of The Haunted Hotel by SackJo22
Cool ^ ^ Dunno what it is about February, but it holds some grundgy sounds ^ ^ a...
Sun, Feb 17 4:36 AM Vidian review of Gunn Control by Calling Sister Midnight
This is so great, and dark and gritty. I for sure hear early delirium, like 80's...
Sun, Dec 16 5:22 AM Vidian review of How Many Fingers am I Holding Up? by Calling Sister Midnight
Nice challenge
Fri, Nov 30 11:33 PM Vidian review of The Little Things ( Vocals ) by Loveshadow
Well done :D
Fri, Nov 23 12:52 PM Vidian review of Death 145 by stellarartwars
Fri, Oct 26 11:48 AM Vidian review of Nothing Much Ahead by Psykick
I really don't remember if I heard this before but I doubt it :P It's a cool sex...
Fri, Oct 26 11:38 AM Vidian review of Put Your Hands Up (Dubstep Version) by Chandan Boruah
You can make people dance, I envy you ^ ^ this would inspire some fierce moves o...