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Reviews left by Vidian

Mon, Mar 5 3:10 PM Vidian review of Echo by Psykick
Nice and deep :D I love the effects on the vocals
Sun, Mar 4 3:35 AM Vidian review of Goa is a State of Mind by Psykick
I think this is perfect
Fri, Mar 2 11:44 PM Vidian review of F for Joy by RoseCaraway
Haha thats f*ing Awesome :D
Sun, Feb 19 10:48 PM Vidian review of Lenore by shimoda
Haha I love this :D I've been thinking of going into some sort of abstract proce...
Sun, Feb 19 10:44 PM Vidian review of Insect Love by Gurdonark
Is that only my samples and nothing else? I had no idea you could make them soun...
Sun, Feb 19 11:40 AM Vidian review of Detachment by snowflake
HA, Seems we both fixed our problems with our bass :D This sounds awesome :D Its...
Sun, Jan 22 4:59 PM Vidian review of BY THE WAY by BOCrew
This is really nice :D I really like this chilled side of you :D
Sat, Jan 14 10:59 PM Vidian review of The Easton Ellises - Ersatz - acappella by theeastonellises
That is awesome :D
Fri, Jan 13 9:50 PM Vidian review of Glory Hole (Stems) by stellarartwars
lol Glory Hole :D I like it :D
Mon, Jan 2 12:50 PM Vidian review of Ascenion by Supercollide
Maybe, but definitely beautiful :D
Sat, Dec 31 5:58 AM Vidian review of You Run Away by siel03
Hai :D Nice song!! I recommend though, You add some tags so the house heads don'...
Sat, Dec 31 5:54 AM Vidian review of Powerpuff Tune - Sirene by PowerpuffTune
:D This reminds me of that song, that's like... Awesome :D omg, I'm so loving th...
Mon, Dec 19 10:11 PM Vidian review of BROKEN GLASS by BOCrew
those r cool rhymes, why I no have yo?
Mon, Dec 19 10:09 PM Vidian review of Red Light by Pitx
You're right about easy listening. It wasn't hard at all!! Actually it was kinda...
Mon, Dec 19 9:55 PM Vidian review of Carol of Christmas Farewells by morgantj
Haha!! WTF U Blow My Mind!!
Mon, Dec 19 9:51 PM Vidian review of The Best Time of the Year by texasradiofish
So.. Wizards DO exist
Mon, Dec 19 9:47 PM Vidian review of All I Want For Christmas by copperhead
Oh yeah. Christmas never sounded so good :D
Mon, Dec 19 9:40 PM Vidian review of The other Day I found a dead line drawn in the sand faded and hardly there anymore by annabloom
Haha Scary. Musical mayhem indeed. So many points i was like, this is the perfec...
Sun, Dec 18 6:03 PM Vidian review of The End (Clean) by William Berry
Bravo :D
Sat, Dec 17 6:05 AM Vidian review of there is no... by pielkor
This is dark and sexy :D I want to hear more from you :D
Sat, Dec 17 5:42 AM Vidian review of grace over me by theod
Yes :D Thanks for the stems! :D Naow my plant is complete
Sat, Dec 17 3:40 AM Vidian review of Christmas Bells - female vocals by myvanillaworld
Chilled :D
Fri, Dec 16 3:41 PM Vidian review of Forever by unreal_dm
U r Liek A beautiful music machine
Fri, Dec 16 3:39 PM Vidian review of The End by William Berry
Hai :D I'm listening to it in mai headphones, and theres a lot of distortion, I'...
Fri, Dec 16 3:36 PM Vidian review of Simple Things (crudely adapted for xmas mix) inc stems by stellarartwars
lol awesome! :D This wasn't simple at all :D Almost perfect, but my only qualms ...
Fri, Dec 16 3:31 PM Vidian review of Blackened by CyberMonk
Hay dude... :D Nice bass drum lol, Is there a song in all those sample or were y...
Fri, Dec 16 3:29 PM Vidian review of Shine by snowflake
Beautiful :D I want your voice. I'll keep it in a jar, but it will be open all t...
Sun, Dec 4 4:17 PM Vidian review of EYE 1 DA by BOCrew
Nice, Always beautiful thick sound
Fri, Dec 2 5:57 PM Vidian review of Boats by timberman
Wow. I really like the a capella.. Simple and awesome and so very useful, I thin...
Fri, Dec 2 12:45 PM Vidian review of I Do Not Know How to Love You in English by Suzi Q. Smith
I agree with Panu!! :D APB is maaaybe my favorite... maybe this one.. I can't de...