Reviews left by Vidian

Wed, Dec 1 4:12 AM Vidian review of Fierce Love by raja_ffm
great treatment! Like a concert under the stars
Thu, Dec 24 5:22 AM Vidian review of moonlight by airtone
Everything you touch turns to air :)
Thu, Jul 23 10:49 PM Vidian review of forgottenland by airtone
Your music is always so beautiful. This song is so vibrant & chill. It's really ...
Sat, Aug 17 8:13 PM Vidian review of Sadness by mykleanthony
Great soulful vocals
Sun, Jul 8 10:34 AM Vidian review of Delay is an Instrument by mwic
Noice groove... when people ask what instrument I play, I just say high-pass fi...
Sun, Jul 8 10:32 AM Vidian review of Okay, You Win (Just for Now) by Kara Square
we all winning with this mix XD Is it weird that, instead of having images of ...
Sun, Jul 8 10:22 AM Vidian review of Moonlight Sonata (Shifting Sun Mix) by Speck
If moonlight Sonata was created to evoke a certain mood, you've exploded it into...
Sun, Jul 8 10:17 AM Vidian review of Hope Is A Dangerous Thing (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Wow, good ear. such a coherent mood.. nice mix!!
Sun, Jul 8 9:45 AM Vidian review of LAST DAZE by Robbero
So much yes. :o
Sun, Mar 11 3:16 PM Vidian review of All the Lines by Admiral Bob
Dunno why this song is making me sad :P It reminds me of fleeting all this is :\
Sun, Mar 11 3:10 PM Vidian review of Dark Clouds (Interstellar) by duckett
Oo groovy, I love the timing/choppiness of the samples I don't know exactly what...
Sun, Mar 11 3:07 PM Vidian review of Reusenoise (Interstellar MIx) by spinningmerkaba
If only Space Jam wasn't made in 1996... They should have waited until you made...
Sun, Mar 11 3:06 PM Vidian review of No Confirmation (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Cool. I like the atmosphere caught here.. I feel like I'm out there in the stars...
Sun, Mar 11 3:01 PM Vidian review of The Heart of a Star by Kara Square
chilling vocals with the celestial musical backing.. & the African drums sample ...
Sun, Mar 11 2:54 PM Vidian review of Dwarf Planet by gurdonark
Very cool trip through different futuristic atmospheres. ^ ^