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VickyDan (Vicky):

Reviews left by VickyDan

Wed, Jan 27 7:02 AM VickyDan review of Restart The Melody by Dan_Mantau
An ambience very harmonic ....
Wed, Jan 27 6:57 AM VickyDan review of Oh Man_b by Bluemillenium
Une bonne approche qui respecte le thème évoqué par Per ....
Tue, Jan 26 5:06 AM VickyDan review of Passage of Time (Duet) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
The hand of a Master .... Undeniable!
Tue, Jan 26 5:03 AM VickyDan review of Earth Is Burning by Zep Hurme
One approach, quite successful .... I like this atmosphere, this musical depth t...
Mon, Jan 25 9:12 AM VickyDan review of Feeling Your Way (Baby shot me down mix) by Siobhan Dakay
I also made an approach of this a cappella, but the version you are proposing he...
Sat, Jan 23 6:55 AM VickyDan review of This Winter by unreal_dm
The performance and sound quality are still the rendezvous ....
Sat, Jan 23 12:34 AM VickyDan review of Tell me again by Bluemillenium
Quelqu'un à écrit ici: "Belle performance musicale, et bonne adaptation de la ...
Wed, Jan 20 10:49 PM VickyDan review of Les nuits by diaphane
Petite voix agréable ici, et en Français .... Une sorte de cerise sur le gâte...
Wed, Jan 20 10:46 PM VickyDan review of Le tour de tes nuits by Siobhan Dakay
Refreshing to hear a voice in French here on such a good concept ....
Mon, Jan 18 2:35 AM VickyDan review of Sirens by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
Great respect for this kind of production ....
Sat, Jan 16 11:57 PM VickyDan review of the test DEMO by panu
It is a pleasure to support you, Mark ....
Sat, Jan 16 11:51 PM VickyDan review of Where do you go (feat. Ciggiburns) by Siobhan Dakay
Voice mixing, very clever .... The musical part is of high quality.
Sat, Jan 16 11:46 PM VickyDan review of Miracles by logos
Good quality of this concept .... The arrangement is excellent.
Sat, Jan 16 11:44 PM VickyDan review of The Test by Zep Hurme
We can not deny the quality of this concept .... The arrangement is excellent.
Wed, Jan 13 12:16 AM VickyDan review of My Name Is by spinmeister
A particular arrangement .... that you have achieved brilliantly.