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Reviews left by Jeris

Mon, May 2 1:00 PM Jeris review of The Root of the Problem by phasenwandler
Great job, very catchy dance track!
Sun, May 1 7:14 PM Jeris review of Start Again by Alex
Nice beat!
Sun, May 1 10:19 AM Jeris review of Admiral Bob Strikes The Root by copperhead
Nice asynchronous jam band..lol
Sat, Apr 30 7:42 PM Jeris review of Walden Pond Blues by Admiral Bob
Oh man, I didn't even wait to hear the whole thing before I started recording an...
Fri, Apr 29 4:23 PM Jeris review of Jeris Root Dub by Speck
Mad Science!!!
Fri, Apr 29 2:41 PM Jeris review of You Still Complete Me by unreal_dm
There's songs that are great and we all have them, but every once in a while som...
Fri, Apr 29 2:28 PM Jeris review of Give it Up (Start Again) by Snowflake
Hey, knew this was gonna be good : )
Fri, Apr 29 2:24 PM Jeris review of Cocoa Mantra by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Yea..that's my kind of chill...soulful
Fri, Apr 29 2:21 PM Jeris review of Dead Heat by Kara Square
haha..never heard of nerdcore before : ) I like that
Fri, Apr 29 4:36 AM Jeris review of Seductive Colours by Syenta
Very passionate mix!
Thu, Apr 28 8:38 PM Jeris review of Sad lullaby by Steven M Bryant
That was an unexpected twist in the lyrics. Good songwriting, really tells a sto...
Thu, Apr 28 6:45 PM Jeris review of Liberty Road by Loveshadow
Ok I finally had to take the time to figure out how to create a playlist because...
Thu, Apr 28 6:33 PM Jeris review of Strike The Root by Alex
Man this is really good, gets better and better through the whole mix
Wed, Apr 27 1:22 AM Jeris review of Optimistic by Fireproof_Babies
Wow, love it. Extremely creative use of the samples!
Tue, Apr 26 6:34 PM Jeris review of From Common Roots Come Future Fruits by essesq
I really love this, reminds me of this Darwin quote: "As man advances in civi...