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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Sun, Mar 22 9:04 AM Jeris review of RESURRECTION (At the River) by SackJo22
Dreamy...and trippy! You have a real talent for spoken word, especially with the...
Wed, Mar 11 10:16 PM Jeris review of Silent Night (reinvented) by Paradigm
Beautiful!! BTW, my first name is Aram : )
Wed, Mar 11 6:59 PM Jeris review of Still My Dad by Snowflake
Heavy stuff...deepdive right in to the human experience.
Wed, Mar 11 6:49 PM Jeris review of Don't Be Afraid by Doxent Zsigmond
Beautiful arrangement. I really love that warm sound and the shaker opens things...
Tue, Mar 10 7:44 PM Jeris review of He Lives in the Moment by Kara Square
You are such a good writer! This reminded me of the H.M. story...if it happened ...
Sun, Mar 8 3:10 PM Jeris review of LULLABY 1 (Pretty Little Horses) by SackJo22
Excellent...I'm sure I'll doze off to this later tonight. Crickets are a drone s...
Sat, Mar 7 4:56 PM Jeris review of Emotional Tree by Skill_Borrower
I like that break beat
Tue, Mar 3 5:16 AM Jeris review of Crisp morning freshness by maplesnow
Cool, thanks for using the sample. That's funny, I used that sample from freesou...
Sat, Feb 28 2:35 PM Jeris review of On the Earth (and of the Tree) by Doxent Zsigmond
Awesome, I can't get over that piano tone...I just love it! Really great additi...
Fri, Feb 27 7:49 PM Jeris review of Motherless Child by Admiral Bob
I need dem stems : )
Fri, Feb 27 5:59 AM Jeris review of A Motherless Child by Snowflake
Amazing, just Ed picked Admiral's remix of this. Both recordings are just beauti...
Wed, Feb 25 11:19 AM Jeris review of Gamma Wave Binaural by GeeArtriasRose
Awesome...gettin ready to do some right now too : )
Tue, Feb 24 10:01 AM Jeris review of On the Earth (and of the Tree) by SackJo22
This is so good! I've often thought about how rooted we really are and conversel...
Sun, Feb 22 7:33 PM Jeris review of Fire Crackling in a Fireplace by Kara Square
Here's a good sample to go with this...
Sat, Feb 21 6:29 PM Jeris review of kalimba wellness by urmymuse
Love it...sounds great!!