Reviews left by TheDICE

Wed, Jun 4 8:01 PM TheDICE review of Only You by Dysfunction_AL
The build is amazing. Congrats on the cool sound.
Wed, Jun 4 7:36 PM TheDICE review of Trying Not to Break by Kara Square
Congrats Kara, this track is really beautiful. The oooh-oooh bridge is awesome!
Wed, Jun 4 7:25 PM TheDICE review of ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest PROMO by Kara Square
I agree with Ciggiburns :) Your voice is really pleasant. & Congrats on the prom...
Wed, Jun 4 7:17 PM TheDICE review of The Key .... by VickyDan
Outstanding music. Congrats for your wonderful sounds. Chapeau!
Sat, May 24 1:35 PM TheDICE review of California Winter by copperhead
wow, powerful!! and the bridge is really magic. Love this
Sat, May 24 12:59 PM TheDICE review of Fly Again by Snowflake
wonderful music... I'm always shocked by the beauty of your music :° congrats ...
Wed, May 21 6:06 PM TheDICE review of You're Never Around by fluffy
Thanks for sharing this track, really lovely. I enjoyed very much playing with i...
Wed, May 21 5:40 PM TheDICE review of To Be Sensitive by Hans Atom
Amazing track Hans Atom. I know this pella well. Your version is outstanding. Re...
Wed, May 21 4:42 PM TheDICE review of Okay, Alright (Vocals and Ukulele) by Kara Square
Another inspiring track. The melodies sung are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I ...
Wed, May 21 4:33 PM TheDICE review of Each Love Story by Kara Square
Wow... beautiful and dramatic. Congrats for your singing and voice. And thanks f...
Wed, May 21 4:19 PM TheDICE review of Xylophone and Ukulele Rival with Their Revelry by Kara Square
lovely music :) I enjoyed the sweetness. I agree with CiggiBurns... about dark ...
Wed, May 21 4:05 PM TheDICE review of Wolves by Darkroom
This is solid! Congrats for your skills, this mix is outstanding. Downloading
Wed, May 21 3:58 PM TheDICE review of Could Be (remix) by Darkroom
Much pleasant to listen, catchy track. Congrats for the amazing sounds
Sun, May 11 5:46 AM TheDICE review of Stand tall by copperhead
Wow...! I worked a lot on this pella, it's amazing to listen it in this wonderfu...
Sun, May 11 5:42 AM TheDICE review of Big John (da da dot) by copperhead
The drums are really perfect for the pella. I like the banjo too :) Amazing soun...