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Reviews left by TheDICE

Sun, Nov 16 2:37 PM TheDICE review of Mushishi by Calling Sister Midnight
Cool track. Really enjoyed... The "fuzz" in background is addictive :D
Sun, Nov 16 2:29 PM TheDICE review of Platinum Donation by copperhead
Let's listen to some serious music :) This tracks is really fresh, I love it. Gr...
Sun, Nov 16 2:24 PM TheDICE review of I Look At The Sky by Mana Junkie
the arrangement is really cool. The bass especially rocks. Great mix
Sun, Nov 16 2:15 PM TheDICE review of Velvet Green of Mystery by Doxent Zsigmond
Pleasant music as usual... :) really enjoyed the listen.
Sun, Nov 16 2:14 PM TheDICE review of Dark & Dicey Sci Fi Soundtrack by essesq
Thank you very much for working on my tracks! I like the mix. Really a dark atmo...
Sun, Oct 5 9:34 AM TheDICE review of Fundraiser Promo by rocavaco
Great recording and voice. Much inspiring. Seems listening to Giorgio Moroder :D...
Sun, Oct 5 9:30 AM TheDICE review of ccMix by airtone
Wonderful electronic track!! Fantastic composition
Fri, Oct 3 3:00 PM TheDICE review of Pathways of the Mind by Kara Square
Wow, wonderful. This track is stunning! Great perfomances and production. Congra...
Thu, Oct 2 5:32 PM TheDICE review of Hold Fast by unreal_dm
Wow, you version of Hold Fast is lovely. Congrats for your skills... really nice...
Thu, Oct 2 5:24 PM TheDICE review of Circling .... by VickyDan
Amazing soundscape! I really enjoyed the track, it's beautiful
Thu, Oct 2 5:19 PM TheDICE review of The Beauty of Empathy by Kara Square
Beautiful composition. I really like it!! It's very emotional
Thu, Oct 2 5:05 PM TheDICE review of Change by unreal_dm
Great music :) I agree with Quarkstar, this is perfect. Enjoyed very much! Cool
Wed, Sep 3 11:36 AM TheDICE review of Pathways of the Mind by unreal_dm
I listened to this just after listened the pella alone, awesome! Congrats for th...
Tue, Sep 2 6:32 PM TheDICE review of All Rights Reserved by copperhead
Great dance track. It's perfect in its genre. I loved the melodies, really nice ...
Tue, Sep 2 5:45 PM TheDICE review of Openheart by copperhead
really a beautiful sound. I like this very much.