Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by Shelflife

Sun, Nov 2 4:25 AM Shelflife review of Jazz Shuffle Blues by texasradiofish
Excellent extra large sampled remix!!
Sat, Nov 1 7:47 PM Shelflife review of Don't Be Afraid by Snowflake
We enter this world with an empty suitcase and we leave it with an empty suitcas...
Sat, Nov 1 7:36 PM Shelflife review of Dead Childrens Dance (Lully Lullay) by keytronic
Classy production.
Fri, Oct 24 7:37 PM Shelflife review of Izzit All 2 Much ??? by Loveshadow
Yes it iz! But I still like it lots!!
Fri, Oct 24 7:17 PM Shelflife review of I'm On Fire by copperhead
Short but very sweet
Fri, Oct 24 7:14 PM Shelflife review of (Let's be) Each Others' Light by fourstones
Sounds great on my speakers!
Thu, Oct 23 12:20 AM Shelflife review of Waiting for the morning bus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I don't want this to appear rude or patronising but your mixes are getting bette...
Thu, Oct 23 12:15 AM Shelflife review of Straight to the Light (the gratitude mix) by SackJo22
It is being a good individual that matters not the position one attains in the h...
Tue, Oct 21 5:42 PM Shelflife review of If_You_Wait by Stefan Kartenberg
The difference between really good music and really great music is often intangi...
Tue, Oct 21 5:20 PM Shelflife review of Money To Burn by unreal_dm
Just a happy vibe done to perfection.
Tue, Oct 21 5:15 PM Shelflife review of Connect the World by Scomber
Excellent mix showcasing your musical talents very well indeed.
Sun, Oct 19 5:12 PM Shelflife review of Canapes by Robert Warrington
Clever lyrics and a fine delivery.
Sun, Oct 19 5:06 PM Shelflife review of Only Sometimes by Jeris
Great production with all the samples blending so well.
Sun, Oct 19 5:01 PM Shelflife review of The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History (third edition) by Speck
You have a great ability in finding sounds that create deep textures that stimul...
Fri, Oct 17 7:22 PM Shelflife review of All of The World by Loveshadow
Excellent production and your backing vocals give the track and added depth